Why We Should Have a Humanist Project

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Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

It is worth considering that every individual –or every family unit, should have at least one Humanist Project. As a human being, we are interconnected to each other. This is about transferring balance toward the pole that needs it.

We are a self-made family entrepreneur in the beauty industry. We are proud to have and nurture our Humanist Project into our family life. And this is a little story about me in the past. It resonates why I keep having a Humanist Project on and on. Because it is addictive. This is for you too if you:

Like to Help

From when I could remember myself, I always have my ‘humanist secret’ project. In the Elementary School, I shared my pocket money to a little boy named ‘Sony’ as I knew he was poor and had nothing to eat during the school break time. I remembered once I followed him after school finished. I investigated where and how he lived. Every day Mom gave me Rp. 50. It was enough to buy 1 little cake or bread with 1 homemade-flavoured ice stick or other canteen’s beverage. The next day, I started giving him half of my coin every single day until one day he was missing from school. I had no idea where or why he went puff, or if the family moved away(?). Although I may forget his face, his name ‘Sony’ I still remember.

Commit to Give it Back

I am happy with the fact that I did not grow up in a rich family. So, I know very well that everything I want in life, I have to make an extra effort. And Once I reached the goal, I always commit to giving back to others in need. When I got a fully-funded scholarship from the Australian Government to get my Master’s Degree at the Australian School of Business in Sydney, I had my ‘secret human‘ in Indonesia. A little kid that I financially supported for her education during my overseas study. I like the concept of balance. Beauty is about Balance.

Together With Us as Our Family Beauty

Doing a business at the same time spreading the benefits is possible. All products we make are intended to ‘help’ others. Our haircare line was designed to support my ‘Humanist Project‘ in hair donation. I want my hair to grow longer faster and healthier. I want to treat my hair equals as I treat my facial skin. All should be toxin-free and worry-free. I want my hair to cover someone else’s scalp to support his or her self-confidence to continue life. Thank you for joining our journey, you are our Family in Beauty.

Image Credits: Rakicevic Nenad

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