Why Having a Problem is a Blessing in Business

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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018


As an entrepreneur, it is important to have a certain way of creative thinking. Not only it is needed to create unique products, but most importantly ‘Creative Thinking‘ is needed to solve problems. In order to become an entrepreneur, one needs to find a problem. If there is no existing problem, one should create one! That is how essential to have a problem before starting an ideal business. No Problem, No Business. In Business, Problems is a Treasure.

Flavour Elevator

Now that the problem exists, one has to OWN that problem. By ‘owning’ the selected problem, one should brainstorm that problem for its possible solutions. Listing them down and give ranks based on methods that are doable and ‘uniquely sounded’. What I mean by this ‘Unique Sound’ is that, when one discusses the possible solutions towards that ‘owned’ problem, it should give a ‘slapping moment’ to the listeners. So, one has got a unique way to solve that problem. This is the Flavour Elevator in any business that wants to have a special uniqueness. Based on that, this unique solution towards that ‘owned’ problem can start to be validated into a real offer to the market, either in a form of a PRODUCT or SERVICE. Now, one has a product, —or service–, to sell to the market. Next step is to validate that solution to the market to test the water.

Fortune Teller

Facing the market, it means facing people. It increases the need for connecting with people. More human interaction means more problems. Human comes not only in a variety of shapes but also in different mindset and characters. One needs to see the problems in this human interaction as part of the ”Idea Validation’, one MORE time.  Many startup entrepreneurs at the beginning or people who are new to a business selling activity rarely pass this ‘Test’. It is the toughest test in this ‘sprouting’ stage. This test includes Customer Service. One needs to get used to the customers’ complaints and at the same time providing the solutions to those each complaint, on the RIGHT timing. It has to be on the right timing before the targetted market turns cold. And this is also the phase where the business owner turns their customers’ complaints to improving the product idea to the best version it could be.

Validating the business idea can be screened through these 3 problems in the ‘sprouting stage‘. If the business survives during and after this triplet storm, confidently this business has a bright future. Just the next step is… one needs to get even more creative at their ‘blooming stage‘. Because more problems are awaiting. Yes, another type of problems! 🙂

Until then… Now, Please Make Room for Problems!

Image Credits: Alla Ponomareva

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