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Welcome to Family Beauty where we are happy to blog about our entrepreneurial life, minimalist living journey, self-development project, and skin-caring topics including free consultation about skin and hair. Thank you for joining us. We are so glad to have you as a reader!

Hi, it is Frida here, an organic skincare formulator and a spoke-person of our little family. My sweet husband, Samuel, is a coding guy, so he is ‘kinda’ geek in his own way. We have a super adorable little girl, Axelle, that will surely light up your Mondays with her wittiness. As parents, we are helping her to find her true-call to fit into our entrepreneur family lifestyle.

I am Indonesian and Samuel is French. We use English as our marital language and we are living in South Korea. So we are raising a 4-tongue kid!

And oh! We are also the founders of FridaSkincare.com where your Fridays’ Freebies are mostly supplied by. So don’t miss out Fridays with us!

So, Welcome again to Family Beauty where healthy skin is part of our lifestyles.

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