5 Accomplishments to Map FridaSkincare Family Business Journey

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Wednesday, July 25th, 2018

In the last post, I wrote about How to Map Your Skills and Interest, which is very related to this post about our accomplishments to map our business journey that is also affecting the way our family living the life. Because in reality there is no perfect list, this “List of our Accomplishments” will be side by side with the “List of Soon To Be Achieved”.

List of Our Accomplishments:

  • I succeed to choose between ‘chemistry kitchen’ or ‘food kitchen’ to be able to succeed to take my crafted personal care products formulations to be used by many like-minded families.
  • I learn how to blog in order to be able to ‘mentor‘ through ‘writing‘ to fit my ‘elasticity in time and knowledge’.
  • We succeed to turn our loyal customers into our business partners who eagerly want to step their feet into our family mission to grow together in the same business journey with FridaSkincare.
  • We succeed to linkage the needs of our customers and to get them closer to us directly through personal consultations and a thank you weekly freebie from us, “FamilyBeauty by FridaSkincare“.
  • We succeed to design a specific job and to creatively assign a set of unique tasks to ourselves.

List of  Soon To Be Achieved:

  • I have to be actively present in the business I have committed to run, so I haven’t yet travelled the world or touched the soil to do the gardening. The ‘elasticity of time’ is not there just yet.
  • I have to restart exercising for my own physical wellbeing as I have stopped doing it for many years since starting up the business in 2013 and planning for a baby and raising a family at the same time. I commit to restarting my daily exercise soon.
  • We are not yet fully involved in giving back some cash out to the world as per our initial plan because our business is still growing and needing a huge working capital. We still need to work extremely hard to get to the ‘elasticity of time and money in order to give back to the needy’.
  • Compared to our corporate past jobs, we are not yet living in a good earning zone from the job we heartily designed and from the tasks we creatively assigned to ourselves.

Despite many things are not yet on our table due to a bunch of works still need to be done, when we are looking back… flashing back… we are getting there. As a little family, we cannot wait to travel the world and help those in needs along the way. Until that really happens, nothing much I could say. We are still riding on the journey.

Image Credits: John Jennings

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