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Skin Consultation + Freebie
Friday, April 6th, 2018

Before everything else, I would like to peel my skin off to you a little. Perhaps you must be questioning about my expertise and the reason why on earth I am offering you a Consultation service about troubled Skin and Hair, for free.

Frida’s Expertise

I am ‘a natural beauty formulator’. I am a hard-core self-taught cosmetics formulator. I am the person behind the formulation of FridaSkincare products. From 2012, I have been exclusively asked to review safe skin products from friends and customers and random people online who I have never met in person even. These people seek my opinions about various beauty products that are safe to use during conceiving and breastfeeding. These same Young Moms also often ask me about the natural remedy for troubled skin, especially from Mothers who have kids with atopy dermatitis. Helping them made me formulated our own toxic-free family skincare, it is completed with a line of bath and body products.

Growing Community

My customers are now growing both in Indonesia and Korea, adding a few extra fans of FridaSkincare products worldwide. From young Mothers community to the professional doctors who value the healthy lifestyle and care a lot about their skin safe beauty. My customers like to have a consultation through several mobile applications, like Whatsapp, KakaoTalk, Facebook Messenger, and Text MessageThis time, I want to simplify it in a blog post format. Offered exclusively for my Family in Beauty. It is YOU!

I Like to Help

I like the concept of balance. Beauty is about Balance. Reading all the honest reviews of the products from our beloved customers, it makes me happy. Helping is nothing but a bouncing-happiness. So, for Free Consultation about your troubled Skin or Hair, You are welcome to personally email me at Share with me a little knowledge about your troubled skin story, past history, and upload a clear photo, —without filter or photoshop effects. Pictures you submit are released for our public displays. But, don’t worry, I respect privacy. So, if there are any facial characters shown on your picture(s), I will hide it appropriately.

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