Study the Life from the Mango Tree

Sunday, May 27th, 2018

This is a real story from the Mango Tree that belongs to one of my friends in Indonesia. A couple of years back, she planted this Mango seed in her front yard. She was curious why her Mango Tree was not yet producing any fruits, unlike the tree in her neighbour’s yard which was full of fruits every single year. Her Mango Tree was indeed leafy. A leafy Mango Tree is a sign showing that the tree is in a good health. Unfruitful Mango Tree may have resulted either from the diseases, pests, cold weather, over fertilization, severe pruning, or still too young to fruiting. She was sure that her Mango Tree did not carry any of those symptoms. And that made her even more questioning ‘why’. 

Learn from the Successful

For once, she asked her neighbour what is his secret to making his Mango Tree fruitful. Her neighbour just chuckled. The next opportunity, again she approached this neighbour-man who owns a very successful Mango Tree. She needed to ask what is his secret to getting that abundance from his Mango Tree. This time he answered her. “Nail the tree to let the sap out from it. The fruits will come after”. To hear that answer was hard to her ears. Yet, she did it as prescribed. Within a year, a couple of months after she nailed her Mango Tree, the tree started to flowering … aaaand fruiting for the first time. I believe since then, she started to have a Mango party in her yard.

Bleeds for the Expected Outcome

The fruitless Mango Tree needs to bleed when it keeps too much sap trapped inside its body tree. Same goes for us, the Human. The sap in Mango Tree helps carrying the water and nutrients throughout the plant. This is similar to acupuncture method to help improving the body’s functions and promotes the natural self-healing process. In addition to that, to bleed the tree would help the tree to feel its life and thus encourage it to produce fruits. This is similar to the human life in general. Sometimes, we need to feel pain so we become a better human.

Giving Away to Get More

Since having her Mango Tree produces a lot of fruits every yearly season, she is happy to give her Mango fruits to whoever wants some. From her relatives, friends, friends of her friends, nearby freelance workers, far distance neighbours, to pregnant women who crave for Mangoes. She gives it away when the fruiting season comes. Because she heard the legend old wives’ tales about Mango fruits. “By giving away the Mango fruits may result in getting more fruits in the next season to come“. She admitted it that it was hard to believe as well. Yet, she is happy to spread her Mango fruits around. And again to her surprise, her Mango Tree never stop producing a crazy amount of fruits. Plus, the taste and texture of her Mangoes are superb.



This ‘giving away’ point talks a lot to me personally. I always have a humanist project whenever I get a special task to take. I take this ‘old wive’s tale‘ to the core of my heart. Celebrating my journey to this 100-day daily blogging, I offer Friday Freebie as a give away to spread benefits from FridaSkincare products on every Fridays.

Anyway… back to my friend’s yard…

While she got a few meaningful points from her efforts to make her Mango Tree produced fruits, I got a life lesson from her Mango Tree. All credit goes to the Mango Tree belongs to a friend of mine. Thank you for the inspiring Mango Tree you have, Desri Maria Sumbayak.

Image Credits: pixabay

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