Who Inspires Me to be a Cosmetics Formulator

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Thursday, April 26th, 2018

My Skillful Chinese Grandma

My Chinese Grandma from my Mother side, she was a bread maker and a natural herbal concocter. Whoever from the family needs some natural remedy for the general health problems or want to interpret some ‘weird’ dreams, for example, would definitely seek for her ‘magic’ concoction and ‘supernatural’ advice. I was a kid with less hair on the front part of my forehead. I had also quite a big abscess popped on my head skin that made my scalp stop to produce hair on one side of my head. My forehead looked so empty that people used to mock me harshly, including the family members. Luckily, I was so young to understand what was ‘ugly’ mean. She treated my abscess problem with just grated potato. She has every knowledge about natural treatment.

My Magical Moment

I remember to have been using My Grandma’s ‘magic black‘ hair concoction ever since.  She has never named her formula, so I needed to be creative to name each of her concoction if I need to re-order the product from her. It was an asphalt thick texture and the smell was awful. I still could sniff the smell out of my memory. So, I grew up with her hair growth remedy and forever be thankful for her magical hair growth concoction.

When I started to taking care of my body and skin, –when I was 15 years old–, I asked my Mom what was inside Grandma’s hair growth formula. She said I better go asked my Grandma. And so I asked her. Lightly she said, it is quite a concoction in terms of hunting for its ingredients and making it into the paste-like consistency. I kept asking her what is inside because I was so curious. She said,

“it was a blend of cinders from her old-fashioned traditional kitchen, mixed with some other ingredients and a few dead flies!”


I was speechless. As I planned to give a beautiful name to her hair growth concoction: ‘Cinderella’s Magic Hair Growth‘. But, with a few dead flies in it, I would just stick to not giving any name at all.

Our Family Skincare Formulation

I have a big passion for natural concoctions. I want to continue my Chinese Grandma’s legacy into a modern beauty industry. I am a hard-core self-taught cosmetics formulator. Our skincare products are proudly formulated to fit the family need. A minimalist skincare line. Where I can share-use the products with my husband and my baby. FridaSkincare.

Image Credits: Nick Karvounis

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