Friday Freebie for Facial Double Cleansing

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Friday, May 4th, 2018

Friday Freebie for Facial Double Cleansing

In our skincare line, we offer 2 types of Facial Cleansers: Fortifying Facial Oil Cleanser and Enriching Facial Foam Cleanser.

Our Oil Cleanser is specifically formulated for cleansing the waterproof makeup or cleansing the skin with layers of makeup. Although it contains a blend of botanical oils, it is unlike any other natural Oil Cleansing Method (OCM). Ours can be thoroughly dissolved in water. While it takes out any specks of ‘dirt’ on the skin, –after rinsing–, it will not leave any oily residue that might be trapped inside the pores. Because that would promote skin to breakout. Ideally, Oil Cleanser is good for dry skin type and Foam Cleanser is good for oily skin type.

Our Foam Cleanser is boosted with a lot of water component vitamins, like Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C. It contains NO WATER and only with all pure goodness from plants extracts. Just one pump on the hand palm is what it needed twice daily! Doesn’t matter what type or condition of skin you are having, just imagine those Vitamins (E, B3, C) and all the luxe Extracts from the combination of these two Cleansers you are going to use to cleanse your face with~ oh my Goodness! 


Tips: Make sure to cap off both Cleansers’ packaging before starting any Steps below. This is to ease the process while cleansing. Trust me! 🙂

Step 1: Oil Cleanser

Avoid wetting face beforehand to allow Oil Cleanser to work at its best. Just pump enough on a DRY hand and rub on both palms. I usually pump it 2x on my hand. Apply onto a *DRY face (*with makeups and dirt are still on the skin) and massage thoroughly into the skin. Continue to ‘Step 2‘ before rinsing it off with water…

Step 2: Foam Cleanser

Pump enough foam cleanser on the palm, I usually need only 1x pump. Rub it around on palm and apply it to face. Massage it well in a circular motion for thirty seconds up to a minute. If it is ‘too dry‘ and less gliding during massaging, wet hand palms with a little water from the tap and continue to massage the face. Massage your face as long as you want. Rinse it really well and pat it dry with a towel.

Done! and feel the Cleansing difference than any regular facial wash method.

After Cleansing Tips: Continue routine with our alcohol-free Hydrating Essence Facial Toner if you have it. I highly recommend this extra step. This is to balance the skin back to its natural state every time after contact with water-rinsing. Simply spray it on one hand palm and rub it around with both hand palms. Gently tap it on the face. Get the boosted freshness after cleansing routine.


Unlike regular Facial Wash or Facial Cleanser out there, our Cleanser is formulated to offer a lot of benefits from the beginning. For the first time user, each of our Cleanser offers an anti-dull effect. And for the frequent user, it will act as an anti-aging product. And to top it off, the combination of our two Cleansers will act as a CREAM CLEANSER. And not just that, here are some more extra benefits to support our multipurpose and minimalist Skincare:

Eye Makeup Remover with Oil Cleanser: Pump it on a cotton pad. Gently wipe the eye area and whole face. Rinse with water for a thorough cleansing. Alternatively, use ‘Travel Cleanser’ method below for a no-water option.

Traveler Facial Cleanser: When water for rinsing is not accessible during travelling, worry not! Pump Oil Cleanser on a cotton pad, massage and wipe clean. Wet another cotton pad with our ‘Hydrating Essence Facial Toner’ and wipe excess Oil Cleanser off. The residue from the combo of Oil Cleanser and Facial Toner on the skin is so moisturizing, so you can skip any regular moisturizer to continue your facial regiment. Repeat this last step of wiping with Toner and a new clean cotton pad to confirm cleansing and toning all at once. The face is now ready for the next routine if you have any. PS: one more reason why it is essential to also have our TONER in your beauty case during travel.


To copy our cleansing-life where Sam’s favourite is simply with Foam Cleanser and mine is with Double Cleanser, therefore I am LOOKING FOR a lovely couple, two adults who live together under the same roof, who (preferably) love to travel, and who will share-use these Cleansers on the daily basis on each different type/condition of skin.

Please comment below about you and your partner facial cleansing rituals, both for AM and PM if they are different. And also tell me about your plan how are you going to use our Cleansers between you and your partner that potentially have a different type of skins(?). The selected comment’s owner will win this set of Facial Cleansers.

Note: Before participating in Friday Freebie, please be so kind to read the Rules of Game here.

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