Study the Life of These 3 Animals

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018

When it comes to nature, it is very neat and compact. It gives us colourful knowledge. It can be reflexed in a lot of angles in our life. Our behaviour. Our thinking. Including our mission in life. When the school fails to ‘hatch’ the student to find their unique life mission, then we should start studying the nature. Closely.

1. The Bee
The bees are very good in ‘social networking’. They are the happy workers. They know how to blend the fun into their duty. All while collecting nectar. Hopping on and off from one flower to another. While in the mission to make sweet honey, they have a party. For me, I see our entrepreneurial life is like the honey bee worker. The mission is to fill in the entire jar of honey for months. Every spoon of the honey we enjoy, it comes from a colony of bee workers. Each entrepreneur dream is to provide food for other’s family, to as many families as possible. And that is the ‘bee’-like success.

2. The Ant
I respect the Ants for their hard-working mentality. Ant knows how to team-work within its ‘army’ colony. They are the perfect example of idea-executioners. Ants are a bunch of CEOs that collaborate working together to complete one mission. They use their antenna to communicate and to make decisions. Quick and effective. After certain years of being an entrepreneur, surely we will have a pair of ‘invisible antenna’ as well. For having that antenna, we sharpen our intuitive skill, to feel for another and to decide what is next. 

3. Butterfly
Half of the butterfly’s life cycle is ugly and unseen because they are wrapped into egg, larva, and pupa. All of us are wrapped into unique individuals. Either as an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert personality. Most of us start our life in an ‘ugly and unseen‘ stage of life. Only through keep being awesome and spreading benefits after benefits to others, our life becomes more colourful. If we are unable to spread our wings to spark its beauty around, then we are just doing a half circle of a butterfly’s life.

Image Credits: Peter Heeling

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