Why Having a Mission is Everything in a Self Life

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Thursday, May 10th, 2018

I was born with an ability to learn fast and a creative mind. Well, … I am not sure if it was my natural gift or if that skill was sharpened while growing up. But I know for sure, I have this ‘superpower’ and I have been using it over time because it works every time. I was someone at school who never ‘really’ study for the exams. It was not because I was so smart that I knew all the answers. It was because I was a ‘lazy head‘ and I was not sure where these exams were going to lead me. I don’t see a ‘future‘ in doing exams. During the exam periods, I remember to maximize my fun playing time instead. From sneaking some ‘bullet’ notes in between my uniform skirt to using a mirror reflection to transport ‘answer codes’ among my ‘girls’.  I think I have done all the creative arts to pass the exams during my school time. It was fun.

A Shortcut to be an Expert

So I have been using my creative mind to craft. Again, when I say “I craft“, please do not assume that my crafts were so artistic. I cannot draw nor sketch. Let alone painting. I like to handmade of so many things but nothing I really master it to the fullest. Not until I found my Mission! After entering so many school and school-like programs, I don’t believe anymore on the traditional school, —and another school-like institution that provides a certificate. School is NOT the only gateway for someone to become an expert. I knew it the hard and long way. In this speedy internet era, any skill we want we can learn it almost instantly. And most skills now come in free. Human nowadays are in a perfect timing in self-education. So, there is no excuse to not claim any expertise. However, without a Mission, claiming an expertise can be a difficult task because of too wide selection in choosing the skills from the internet. Once the Mission is on hand, this skill-selecting job will be narrowing by itself. This will make it easier to just focus on the goals of the Mission.

An Excuse to Ignore the World

I believe that schools are not about answering exams, it is about sharpening the creative mind and practising our ‘Mammalian Job‘, to socialize. Although many friends of mine may disagree with this thinking when we were at school. The exams never talked to me like a Mission does. Although when I was at school I didn’t know what a Mission really was to me, I could feel that passing an exam was useless for my future career. Exam has a  S H E L F  life. Well, nothing is wrong with entering the traditional school, it offers many professional career ladder indeed. However, the school time is the moment we could easily be lost among the crowd. Because there is no subject about “Finding the Life Mission” being taught at school. This is why many people at the end of the school-life tend to do the regular stuff. Having an office-life and finding a life-partner. Again, nothing is wrong with that normal life. Just… If we haven’t found yet our Mission, we are on a “Shelf Life”. There is an expiration date on a Shelf Life. This is when we usually feel ‘unhappy’, ‘unfulfilled’, ‘not achieving’,…

I have been to the land of ‘what next‘. Having to know my own Mission, I then know what goals to set, and how to get done the to-do list quickly and effectively. Once we know our Mission, we have hit the core of importance in our life. Then we have every excuse to ignore the world.

“The Best Way to Predict Your Future is to Create One.” ~Abraham Lincoln~

Image Credits: Andrew Neel

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