There is a Big Problem in Beauty Industry

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Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

Finding a problem before starting a business is crucial. Read our last post about it here. Today, I am going to share you the problems that we found in the beauty industry. This is a real problem that has been rooted deep in our society. Thus made our family commit to have a serious journey in the world of beauty.

Problems in Beauty Industry

We live in South Korea, it is a place where beauty trends often start and sprout. So many beauty products here. It is definitely with overly saturated options and overpromising products claims. And to top it off, every people follow their own set of rules and protocol when it comes to putting their faces on. I can understand why beauty vlogger and beauty blogger exists on many self-showing channels. Offering makeup tutorial and beauty tips seem like a must-do and a must-know chore. However, these beauty tasks, for many people, creates even more confusion. At the final stage, people are confused about what product to choose and how to start with. Now imagine the newbie when they want to start their skincare routine. It is a frustration.

Beauty in Missing Points

There are none in the market dare to offer a minimalist skincare set that works for all skin type, and blendingable head to toe. So far as I concern, no beauty brand, at least in Korea, offer the all-year-round skincare. I was amazed to know that Korean and most people in a 4-seasons country change their skincare or cosmetics products following the season changes. Additionally, the beauty company mostly follow a certain trend or create new beauty trends. Beauty innovation after innovation. It never ends. Even the chicken-and-egg phenomena have been resolved. But, none yet in the Beauty Industry that wants to commit to making a set of skincare line that can be used over time, by all age. No one ever offers a healthier skincare line with cosmetics function. So this makes women keep hunting product after product, from skincare to makeup cosmetics. As a busy Mom myself, I found it very difficult to digest and to keep swimming among those beauty products and yearly trends. This is the moment to say ‘enough is enough’.

Family Beauty in Action

I am personally tired of beauty trends. I wish to see just a few products lying in my beauty cabinet. I believe that every woman is capable of doing such great amazing jobs to change the world. To help save the world or to keep the world in peace. But this cannot be done if the women are still spending hours in front of the mirror to start their day with. So, I have been itchy to change the beauty custom worldwide. Beauty should be simple, minimalist and multi-purpose.

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