What is So Special about FridaSkincare Products?

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Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

We completely notice that many players already in the cosmetics industry from big international brands to famous indie brands. So why in the world we dare to join this wave? Do we just follow a trend to own a skincare brand? What makes our products so unique compared to other natural or organic beauty brands that already exists before us, even after us? Below are our “because”…

Safe Cosmetics Campaign

Haven’t you wasted your time enough to hunt for beauty products again and again, but ended up with disappointment because the products don’t match up well your skin? Don’t you feel like you are wasting on money more and more to buy the overclaiming products that only use one key ingredient or two plant extracts just to send a secret promise through an image of a pretty model that has a flawless skin texture, —which the skin is genetically nice before that product even exists? Don’t you just want to stop all those beauty dramas and to keep the same skin products all-year round? These are my friends, … the real questions I once asked myself. I believe this is also part of unnecessary problems in our womanhood society. And this is why in the world, we as a family, dare to join this beauty industry. We dare to find our way to promoting safe cosmetics campaign beyond natural and organic claims in many beauty products.

LEGO-like Skincare

We didn’t come out with this claim. One of our loyal customers said that our skincare line is “..just like LEGO!“.  We take this statement as a compliment. We did not realize at first that by pursuing the minimalist living, we have created a “LEGO-like” skincare line at the same time. Our product offers multi-function benefits and blending-able options to get an upgraded result, following the skin need, type, condition, and weather changes. For example, our Oil Cleanser and Foam Cleanser can be a Cream Cleanser if it is combined.

Another example, we don’t offer day cream or night cream in our catalogue. Instead, we offer pure oil-based product and undiluted hydrabase product. Because we understand that every skin is different. Not every skin needs a cream product. However, when one skin needs some type of cream or emulsion, they can always blend any of our facial oils [Beautifying Coenzyme Serum for antiaging / Purifying Anti-Blemish Face Oil for breakouts / 100% Pure Argan Oil for the naturist] with one of our hydra-extraction serums [Magnifying Elixir for all-in antiaging super dry skin / Clarifying Anti-Blemish Solution for the all-in breakouts, marks, shiny oily skin] right blend it on a hand palm to make a fresh cream that can be applied directly to the face. So, the same product can be share-used with our life partner, who may have a different type of skin. Just like me with dry to normal skin and Samuel with oily to acne-prone skin type. If the bed can be shared, why can’t skincare?

Benefits Superload

Besides the products can be enjoyed for the whole family members, FridaSkincare have developed a product that offers cosmetics function. If a man can go outside after his shower, a woman definitely can too! Without neglecting the need for skin coverage, we packed all-in solution into a Mineralizing Facial Blemish Beauty Balm. Once it is applied, it gives a light coverage just like after putting on the BB cream. We can skip moisturizer, day cream, primer, foundation, concealer, highlighter, contouring, and face powder! Oh man, it saves women a lot of burdens. Instead of sitting for 1-2 hours in front of the mirror, we, women can do something more crucial and beneficial without that daily ‘war-painting‘ ritual. It is proudly formulated for the busy women who love natural look on the daily basis.

We don’t follow a trend to have our own head-to-toe family skincare line. We create an ultimate skincare line that fits our journey to a minimalist lifestyle. We are proud to offer “the FIRST Minimalist and Multipurpose Family Skincare” to the beauty market. FridaSkincare, All the Necessary and Only the Necessary.

Image Credits: Inês Pimentel

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