8 Habits that Defines Why We Have Different Skin

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Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

  1. Diet. Our skin needs the essential fatty acids by healthy food consumption on the daily basis, and also by less or no alcohol and sugary soda drinks intake. So, watch closely the green leaf and colourful fruits eating habits. It may make your skin to smile for the day.
  2. Stress. Just like us, skin also needs to rest to regenerate its skin cells naturally. Get 7-9 hours of quality sleep in a day is a must for a stress-free skin.
  3. Muscles Expression. This is especially to put a habit for facial skin beauty. Put in mind every time on how to best position the head and the face when sleeping. Switching sides regularly every night to limit the habit of sleeping sideways. The one-sided sleeping habit may inhibit the free flow of blood and oxygen on that pressed-side of the face. A balanced sleep position is one way to get a healthy glowing skin underneath. Muscles expression is good to be considered once we awake as well. Put the smiles on in every moment. Imagine I am typing this article while smiling. Because honestly, this is what I am doing. I hope you are also reading this blog with a smile. So, we are literally smiling at each other through a different time zone. Cheers to us!
  4. Squeezing. With or without zits, sometimes we are born with ‘itchy’ hands. Our nails are a home for ‘alien’ bacteria. When we squeeze the skin with the nails, it transfers those ‘aliens’ onto the skin. Deeper squeezing eases those ‘aliens’ to enter into the skin without knocking the door. Now every neighbour can see the results of this squeezing, as it may bloom into breakouts.
  5. Cleansing. Some people tend to neglect a twice-daily cleansing routine, especially at night time before bedtime. Sleeping the whole night with makeups on will make skin unable to breathe with ease. Sleeping time is the crucial ‘me-time’ for skin, as this 7-9 hours time is needed to renew and heal itself. Therefore, selecting the best ingredients in cleansing products is highly suggested. It is the primary step in any Skincare Routine.
  6. Rinsing Water. While weather changes and climate temperature is unalterable, —unless we move to another place with a better offer in weather changes–, choosing the right water temperature while cleansing the skin is rotatory, —unless your faucet is stuck or the hot water system is off–. (Too) Cold water may close the pores and (too) warm or hot water may open the pores while rinsing it. Remember, “Imbalance is never a beauty!”. Lukewarm water is suitable for any skin types and conditions.
  7. Makeups Tools. Just like ‘nails’, we talked above, brushes and sponges are also a home for ‘alien’ bacteria. If you like to use brushes and sponges, make sure to replace it often and wash and dry clean it often. This is one of the reason, in FridaSkincare, we never suggest to use any of those beauty tools. Besides it is against our Minimalism Skincare concept, it is also not crucial to have in your beauty cabinet in order to keep the skin healthy.
  8. Skincare Routine. Believe me or not. Skincare Routine is insanely needed for the general health of our body. Our immune cells are located in our skin’s outer layer. This is ‘why’. However, using products that do not ‘talk’ well to the skin type and its condition may cause skin problems.

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