Study the Life of A Coconut Tree

Sunday, April 29th, 2018

Last time we study the life of 3 animals, this time let’s take a closer look at a Coconut Tree. So, why Coconut? Because I grew up in Sumatera Island where you can see coconut trees everywhere. This tree is famous for us because we use its milk and cream in the daily cooking.

Indonesia is one of Coconut leading producers besides Philippines and India. Whenever I saw the coconut shells were thrown in the garbage bins, –with its ‘white meat‘ still intact, I feel pity. People in Korea only enjoy the coconut water as an exotic drink. Well, it is! Oh, Coconut Tree… There is a lot we can talk about this tree.

Tough Seed

Coconut seeds are one of the toughest seeds in botanical plants. They need to be tough to survive from the sea environment. Because they like to hang out near the beach. I have witnessed the Coconut Trees in Aceh, Sumatera, that have been washed away by the Tsunami and standing still until now. That coconut trees are now in the middle of the sea because the width of the land has been eroded by the oceans after that natural disaster in December 2004. They are tough trees indeed!

Benefits Overload

From different studies about coconut, they found that the coconut has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antihelmintic properties, and the list goes on along with other health benefits. Nutrient-rich with vitamin C, vitamin B3, and vitamin B2. Eating a coconut is just like taking a “vitamin B complex supplement” straight from the heart. Coconut trees do not take jealousy and hating from the killer wave ‘Tsunami’ because they are busy producing benefits.

Keeps Flowering

If there is a botanical tree that is equal to the honey bee, then it must be Coconut tree. They keep producing good stuff. So far, I could not think anything bad from a coconut tree. Although there is a claim saying that “More people die annually from falling coconuts than from shark attacks“, is it really the Coconut to blame?

Coconut. Throughout the year, they are busy flowering and fruiting. They offer multiple benefits from their root to their fruit. An amazing tree!

There are only two options: “To Coconut, or not to Coconut“. Which one are you?


Image Credits: Josiah Weiss

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