Study the Life from the Skin Layers

Sunday, May 13th, 2018

As a woman, I see the womanhood in the circle-like skin layers. We are in layers because we have a Mother that wombed us and we are born with an intacted POWER-womb to carry and nurture the Child. Indeed, our Womanhood is like 3 layers of skin.

Hypodermis to Commit Helping

This is the fluffiest skin among all. This is the deeper subcutaneous tissue that is made of fat and connective tissue, that is why it is fluffy. And I see this layer just like the Mother’s hug. Warm and Thick. Motherhood is a whole-life commitment to help, nurture, and protect the child. Once a woman is in this layer, —be a Mother of someone, she will be forever committed to another’s life, to keep the future existence.

Epidermis to Impact Others

This is the outermost layer of skin and it is in fact our-UNIT-self. The skin is a part of our existences that visually appears to others either in colour or in texture. Epidermis provides a waterproof barrier to protect the other 2 layers underneath. Only this layer can give some sort of protection to our whole body from outer threats, like water, wind, and heat. Only OURSELF can take control of this job to impact others, not our Mother nor our future Child. Imagine if our womanhood could be in a solid form like our Epidermis. It would be no more destructive ‘threats’ like jealousy and hatred among us. Our womanhood will be filled with only constructive emotions. The Earth will be a true heaven for all.

Dermis to Help Others

The middle layer of our skin is Dermis. It contains tough connective tissue, hair follicles, and sweat glands. I see this layer as our Daughter, our Child, our Generation. There are some “HOPE”  in this layer to produce hair and sweat. Some of us may get such difficulties and an extra work to ‘earn’ for one baby, some of us may just like a Rabbit in producing babies. Either way, it is very important to helping our kid to firstly find her own Mission and secondly direct her to insert a point in her Career Mission to help others at the same time. We estafet our ‘hope’ through them.

I strongly believe that our WOMANHOOD is a tough connective tissue and we all should be interconnected no matter what. If all those three layers can be simultaneously worked together for the sake of the Mother’s womb, our life will be greener and drama-free from the sagging skin texture. Because… the stronger our bond, the more productive we each might become for a better regeneration to come.

Image Credits: Alex Shutin

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