4 Ways of Life that We Have Simplified

Journey to Minimalism
Saturday, April 28th, 2018

Not so many people know that we have been actually living like the ‘monks’. So, now is the moment of truth about how we have been living and we enjoy every bit of it.

One CellPhone

Once upon a time, we used to have one phone each. But we found it useless. No friends to call every day. We use Skype and other mobile application to contact our families in distance. We are always  “t o g e t h e r”  day and night. Actually, we have two phones still. But, one phone is without the monthly plan payment. It only works when the free wifi is available. So, for over 6 years already, we have been sharing ONE mobile phone.

No Car

We love South Korea for the fact that this country has a very good transportation system. The route of city bus goes up to the mountain. It is so convenient if you want to go for some hiking. Therefore, we have no need (yet) to own a car. People said the right moment to have a car is when you have a little one. For us, it is really not needed. Our living and working space are both within walking distance. So far, we are good without a car. And most importantly, it is less maintenance for us to take care of.

One Credit Card

We are tired of cards. All franchise stores offer membership cards. When dealing with money, we just want to have ONE card that fits all. We are proud to have one international credit card. Because sometimes we need to do important transactions online, like buying air tickets.

One Wallet

Fewer cards to carry around make myself ‘lazy’ to own a wallet. I have one ‘lady wallet’ that Samuel gave it as my birthday gift. Thick and big. It must be pricey too with ‘that’ brand on it. I stand behind the functionality. I use our phone’s pocket to store the cards. Since we are together, Sam is my wallet. I insert a few stuff that may be needed, like photographs and some notes, in his wallet. Letting our man carrying our bag looks sweet like in many K-drama. But, my husband is far the sweetest man if I have to compare with any Korean Oppa. He freed me from a burden to carry a lady bag on my shoulder. Completely.

Now how light a life can be!

We just cannot wait to simplify more stuff in our life. How about you?

Image Credits: Tamara Menzi

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