4 Things An Entrepreneur Learn From the Bee

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Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

Bee is one of the animals I admire. I see the human just like the bee colony. We socialize. We produce. We have missions. From what the bee can produce, I have found four similar points between the bee and an entrepreneur.

1. Bee Pollen is the Basket of Idea

The worker honey bees collect the pollen from flowers to flowers and store their pollen-baskets in their hive. All human have ideas. Business ideas. Some of us would do nothing about the idea. Simply sleep on it and life goes on on the same path of labour routine the next day. Only a few of us eager to turn their idea into a reality. Bee Pollen that the bees collect has to be used in a couple of hours to keep it in its high potency. Every entrepreneur is the worker honey bee that has the ‘Basket of Idea’. Same as Bee Pollen, the idea can be puffed within a few hours if there is no planning to execute it soon.

2. Beeswax is the Tough Mindset

The young age of worker bees produces beeswax when they ‘poop‘. This poop turns to the hard layer of walls to protect the honeycomb. Only at the young age, this beeswax can be produced. Just like the human, the entrepreneur mindset should be set at the earlier stage. Because when one can start their entrepreneurial journey earlier, the sooner she or he will reach a level of their own self-achievement. Their own ‘honeycomb’ success, –that they define by themselves. And it can only be done through shaping an entrepreneurial mindset at an early stage. Because beeswax takes time to get harden.

3. Propolis is the Self-Healing Peninsula

Being an entrepreneur is actually lonely. All on your own. Having a business is essentially a headache. A lot of paperwork as the side dish. As the entrepreneurs are actually the bee, we tend to heal ourselves inside our own ‘self-healing peninsula‘. We, entrepreneurs, we don’t talk about our business to even an ‘old’ close friend. If we do, it is going to be a mistake. And we know that by the past experiences. We take our own ‘Propolis’ to heal ourselves. That ‘propolis’ we have is the ‘protection glue‘ in our mind, so we can get right back to our mission. We keep asking this question: “Why are we doing what we are doing?” 

4. Honey is the Lifetime Result

An entrepreneurial journey is a step-by-step life course to get closer to the expected result. It is to success beyond the financial freedom. For the worker bee, it is to fill in a jar of Honey. Once the Honey is in the jar, it will last the whole life. It will never go rancid. Yet, the work to get our ‘honey jar’ full is mountainous. Only the worker bees can achieve this task to collect nectar. Never the Queen bees.

Image Credits: Anthony Rossbach

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