Study the Life from F1 Car

Sunday, May 6th, 2018

Not every car is designed the same. Some of them are structured to be slow and heavy, just like a Forklift truck. A few of them are designed to own speed and style, just like a Formula One racing car. But, all of the cars carry their own specific purpose. An F1 car cannot “lift and move materials over short distances” because that is the job for a Lift Truck. An interesting fact about an F1 car is that they zigzag on the racing track. Have you wondered WHY?

And this is a story about how I have been zigzagging the whole life.

Feeder Formulae

Just before completing my high school, I remember one day to have been thinking myself “what next“. I didn’t know what or which school to enter next. One thing for sure that time was: entering the University, like many other friends. However, I didn’t know there were plenty of career options offered by just one University. It was a complex education system which I really had no idea. So I was looking for a futuristic idea. Copying someone else dreams… Luckily, in one afternoon I was visiting one of my best friends’ house. Her Mother told us a story about her friend’s daughter who entered the University to become a Diplomat and thus have made her life busy travelling the countries. I was hooked by ‘travelling the world‘ idea. “What school offer this cool job?” so I asked. Few times she repeated to me, “International Relations“.

Career Ladder

4 years later, I had a degree in Political Science majored in International Relations. Authentically, I planned to become an Ambassador for the Government of Indonesia. So, I sent myself to join an internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Indonesia in Jakarta. Just to get a feel of working with real Diplomats in their home country. I had no attachment feeling to the work. It made me ‘reconsider’ if that Diplomat career was what I wanted from the beginning. Though my first year with this school I went for a ‘Study Tour‘ to Europe, visiting almost 10 countries in one shot. I even got a friendly invite to get an endorsement letter from one senior Diplomat that I worked for during my internship. I hesitated to continue a career as a Diplomat due to these 2 factors. F i r s t l y, being sent overseas for a mission on every 4 years basis. S e c o n d l y, cannot married to a different nationality man. Well, a 4-years interval is too long to hostage me from not seeing the world and a possibility for having a limited relationship based on the same passport holder was losing my ‘free-mind’ to MEET for my future partner. What if my soulmate is not an Indonesian? ~… I think I made a right decision.

Open Formula

So, I joined the UN Agency. I worked for the UN-World Food Programme to fight hunger. Before the UN, I worked for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) to deliver medicines to the remote areas in Aceh after Tsunami hit Sumatera Island in December 2004. I also provided services to the Governmental Agencies under the multi-variety international humanitarian projects. I worked a lot. I travelled a lot. And I loved it. But again, I was lost to the question ‘what next‘. All the above may seem fancy jobs. Although I have a strong passion for helping others in a professional manner, I realized that that Career path was not for me. I was lost and needed to copy someone else dream once again. So, I hunted for another University to escape. From my world-class services portfolio, I got a fully funded scholarship from the Australian Government. Then shortly, I had a degree in a Business, Commerce science. Returning home for some more humanitarian works. Again, I felt empty and got L O S T~

Control Formula

I came to South Korea to hunt for another degree, either for a second Master or a PhD, like many of my friends. I was thinking a lot about ‘what next’. Nothing had satisfied me. I was still thirsty between education and experience. The moment I met Samuel was the moment I planned to enter to another University-escape, in Germany. Now I found it was such a ‘silly’ mission since I had no plan to become a Professor or work in the University. I was hooked by the Universe, not the University. So, I stop chasing paper certificates for good. In order to be qualified as an expert, I need to prove it through my passion. Because the education system seemed to fail. I didn’t have one specific passion nor hobby. I was living without a CAREER MISSION. That was why I kept zigzagging to find who I am today, what I am ultimately good at, and how I am going to help save the world as ‘a beauty formulator’. A career mission that fits just for me. This time, I took the control, not the degree from the school.

“The main purpose of weaving is to generate enough heat in tires to keep them at optimum temperature at the race start.” (Tejas Ajmera, F1 Enthusiast). So, I was zigzagging from the start to be at my optimum quality to reach the targeted destination. Have you zigzagged enough?

Image Credits: Raphaël Biscaldi

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