Study the Life from the Camera Lens

Sunday, June 17th, 2018

Take a look at any camera. The closest one is perhaps our phone camera. And perhaps we have taken it for granted of what it is and how it performs to catch the moments we want. It is not the button who do the job taking the pictures. It is the lens, the optic lens that sorts all the lights and bends all the colours from the captured image and turns it into a square visual of momentum that our eyes can ‘digest’. I am not a photographer and I have less interest in photography, although I do take pictures for our FridaSkincare Instagram. I just do the minimalist effort for any FridaSkincare project that involves photography and design skills compared to Samuel. And although I am not a professional photographer, yet I see there are some moral points from the Camera Lens. They teach me the 2 views of understanding life through the lens’ eye.


I have written quite some posts talking about the Power of Focus. They are in these articles, Why Having a Mission is Everything in a Self Life, and How to Start Practicing Healthy Minimalism, and The Differences Between an Entrepreneur and a Businessman, and How to Start Working Your Dream Job, and coming soon in these two posts How to Map Your Skills and Interest, and How to Develop a Career Plan Like a King. This is just to show you how it is important to own the Focus in getting what we truly want in life. Because we live in the world full of noises which direct us to multi-destinations to make us go astray. All those bling-bling make us losing focus and forget to reach what we actually want in life. And we end up in a job we never intended to do. We end up in a meaningless life without a clear goal and purpose. So, yes it is not just about money. When we take a picture, we always need to place our whole body position to target the desired object. Failing to do so causing the desired image failed to be captured in. So, why don’t we do the same in pursuing a job or a career to reach the meaningful life we always dream about? “We need to always place our whole body position to target the desired object“.


When we know the importance of having a focus, we become closer to our target object. Once we are closer to our target object, we need to learn how to get rid of those noises through the beauty of ‘defocusing’. Defocus is only happening within a certain distance, it cannot be too far nor too close. Defocus is an art of beautifying ONE object by blurring the surrounding background. So, it is mandatory, first thing first, to make the lens Focus on a square visual area and following it up with the blurring effect to make that ONE particular object pops out. In life, once we decide to focus on ONE goal, the rest is just the beauty effect of the defocus blur image.

The Focus Lens teach us to select ONE image to fit into a square frame by giving the whole body position to target it right. While the Defocus Lens teach us to beautify a specific spot of that captured image by blurring its surrounding background because nothing else does matter but that ONE CORE image. Through Defocusing, we become an expert along the way.

Image Credits: SplitShire

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