3 Things We Should Never Minimize Part 1

Journey to Minimalism
Saturday, June 16th, 2018

I have been talking a lot about reducing our family stuff at home and in the shop. In fact, it is mostly Samuel who is doing this ‘minimalism’ sorting stuff all by himself while I am busy taking my time to write, write, and write. I commit to non-stop blogging for a straight 100 days. Now that Samuel agreed to that idea, he needs to also endure the consequence of it. I am spending the time to write every single day instead of helping him to organize our home. Well, he is so good about organizing the whole house, it makes me feel comfortable to keep on writing. Being busy about eliminating unused items from our daily life collection makes me realize that there are a few things that cannot be reduced in the pursuit of minimalist living.

Green Oxygen

When I was young or younger, I would ignore how green is the leaves and how colourful are the flowers. I would not have any interest in viewing how the butterflies and bees were attracted to the natural floral scents flow in the air. These simple things like this make totally different when we are aging. I am now prone to delicate visuals and sensitive feelings. Oh, not that ‘sensitive feelings‘ where I could be pissed of a small little stuff. Not that. Not that. These sensitive feelings are actually my basic human sense towards little things that I have taken it for granted. In Korea, nice air quality is very rare in the day to day basis. With an extreme weather in every Winters and Summers make me realize how people in Indonesia, —my home country–, are so fortunate to have only one weather all year long. Many times, Samuel and I have been discussing living in a countryside where the green view is the standard and the clean air is everywhere. Sucking non-pollutant air and viewing fresh green landscape should be on everybody’s regular life.

There are 2 more points in the list of Things We Should Never Minimize. It is to be continued next week in Part 2, la la la…

Image Credits: Neosiam

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