Study the Life from a Tea Bag

Sunday, May 20th, 2018

A long time ago I like to read Chicken Soup, the series book. Many juicy and punchy stories are being told on every page. I still remember a quote from one of the stories. It is from Eleanor Roosevelt, saying that “A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.

Sacrificing for a Better Formation

Now, let’s take a look at what makes a woman, a WOMAN, through the sealed Tea Bag. What is inside the Tea Bag is actually simple, ‘dried plant material’. Nothing fancy. This dried leaves or spices or herbs are ‘preserved’ when they are in fresh condition. They have been dehydrated so they can fit into the bag to serve the world. But before they can ‘travel’, the tea leaves have been suffered from an excessive loss of moisture in exchange to get its shelf-stability and beautiful natural flavours.

Well Compacted Material

The Women. They may come in different shape. Different mind. Different colour. And different Body Smell. The women have been ‘trained’ to handle pains from teenage. Becoming a mother, again the women have to go through another pain, labour pain. These accumulated pains, —from period cramps to labour pains, are actually compacting a woman to be durable in tough difficult situations. I strongly believe that Women is the most powerful agent of change. As the Mothers, they could change the world to become the better place to live in through ‘shaping’ their kids from home. As the Living Partner, they would take what it needs to make the house feels like home. Women are the only capable human that has been tasked to produce and nurture the sustainability.

The Cup Performance

Tea Bags often come in small size and are packed in the breathable pouch. They are ideally light and easy to carry. And they just smell like Earth coated by the natural-scent perfume. The most beautiful show of a Tea Bag is when they are taking their bath inside the hot water. Their scent. Their colour. Both are dancing alongside with the poured hot water on the small ‘cup’ stage. A collaborative art between Hot Water and the Tea Bag provide an aromatherapeutic journey. It may not spread its aroma to the whole house, yet it surely reaches up to the sipper’s smelling sense. A woman, either in a form of a Mother or a Wife or a Daughter, they may not serve the world directly. Yet they are an incredible creature to partner with, to talk to, to argue with, and to conquer the world with. In simple word, you cannot live without a Woman.

If you are a Woman, pick the Man who can see your quality through your sealed bag. And if you are a Man, just don’t get fooled, because a woman may come in a different blend of spices.


Image Credits: Sabri Tuzcu

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