How to Map Your Skills and Interest

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Thursday, June 21st, 2018

Skills, Talents and Interest are three optional gates to enter a professional career. Talent, however, is basically a result of having a high interest in developing one certain skill. Pick ONE of them or blend all those three elements to create ONE unique entity is highly required to become an expert in the chosen field. Because this is the ultimate way to get to FOCUS. If Skills and Interest are the Doors, then Focus is definitely the Key. And to enter that Door, you need the Key. Remember, not everybody understands the Power of Focus. The Focus is the only gateway that could help us to do what we love to do. And part of excitements is that we get to earn from the job we love. Having a Focus makes the journey to land on a Dream Job easier. Now, to get to the Focus, it is important to map our skills and interest before everything else. And this is how I mapped mine into three categories below.

Things I LIKE to Do

My list for this includes my present’s activities and my already built-in talents, such as I LIKE TO:

  • to craft,
  • to handmade,
  • to cook,
  • to bake.

Things I WANT to Do

My list for this is all the interesting activities that have caught my mind. It includes the future skills that I want to have but currently, I have no chance to try anything about it or I have a limited time to be serious about it. It also includes my feeling about any skills that I am possibly good at. This is part of a journey of How I Start Working on My Dream Job, so my current ‘I Want to Do’ list includes:

  • to write,
  • to gardening,
  • to mentor,
  • to travel the world,
  • to help,
  • to donate.

Things I NEED to Have

This list is about a professional career I dream about. So, I would include ‘One Activity‘ that never bored me that could connect my ‘Current Interest‘ with the ‘Skills I Have or I Would Like to Have‘. Mine is:

  • green earning, in order to be physically fit and healthy and financially free so I can help people trans-boundary limitless,
  • expertise, in order to have my own wisdom and a unique career path so I can help open a new job opportunity worldwide,
  • the elasticity of time, knowledge, and money, in order to give back to the needy.

The above list may look simple and easy but you will see how tough it is to list them down in real life. You are welcome to copy my list above as I intend to leave my footprint to encourage others to build on their own career path. Because the result will always be on a person by person basis. Next post, I will elaborate on our FridaSkincare’s journey that we have mapped along the way using this exact Career Formula.

Image Credits: delfi de la Rua

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