How Does it Feel to Do Writing Every Day?

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Thursday, April 19th, 2018

How Does it Feel to Do Writing Every Day? I am actually asking this question to myself. As fantastic as it sounds,… ‘Writing Everyday’ is difficult. Although it is possible to do. Once, before I launched this blog, I showed my blog template to a friend who just came for a short visit to our store. I also told her that I put a challenge for myself to write my first 100 posts, straight up. What I liked was her reaction while saying: “You are crazy!!!”

Before, not so long time ago, I used to get a question mark for daring myself to launch FridaSkincare project in Korea. “Are you crazy Frida???” I have never forgotten that moment. That question-mark helped me to validate my idea. Sometimes I felt uncertain about the project, just because of someone else’s perception. After a multiple-validation, I just kept doing as it was the right thing to do. Although the ‘are-you-crazy’ sentence is still exact similar. Now, the feeling is totally different, because I start to receive this crazy tagline with an exclamation mark at the end. It is now a confirmation that ‘I am crazy’. And honestly, I feel good about it.

Brain Scream

Besides feeling good about this writing challenge, my brain actually screams. E v e r y d a y. Although I already neatly allocated topics to write for each day, my brain screeches asking for help. This writing excitement turns into a daily panic attack. And what to do about it? I will just keep doing it until my brain gets used to it. That is my plan for now. I eager to see for myself, how long this lazy mindset will be weakened and accept the reality that I am capable of writing on the daily basis.


I see the same pattern here over and over again. E v e r y t i m e  after I complete the day, I embrace a healing wave. I am so proud that I have completed today’s mission; that I have submitted my blog post for tomorrow morning, –Korean time–, of course. Because I do this writing to document our journey for next generation to read someday, I feel I have won something for the day.

Try it for yourself. Try to challenge yourself with a small task. The task, it should be doable but it should be crazy enough for ‘normal’ people to do it. And do it every single day as part of your daily routine. You will get this ‘Brain Scream’ and ‘Self-Healing sensations.

I would like to know if you have daily challenged yourself the way I am doing it now? Either in writing challenge or else, let me know what was/is the challenge and how did/do you feel about it?

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