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Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

Since I start to have greater desires in controlling my natural soap ingredients, I become so much aware of Active Ingredients in natural products. There are  T O N S  of them!!! From pure botanicals extraction to technology derived ingredients. From the chem-scary to nerd-fancy ‘International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient‘ names to identify each cosmetics ingredients like a pro.

Excel Explode

Within less than a year, my cosmetics nomenclature was growing significantly.  My Microsoft Excel could not handle it anymore. Well, you can guess the amount of my inventory of natural ingredients! My computer was getting super slow to just open the Excel sheet. I complained every single time I open that file on my laptop. That was how I started my day.

Customized Orders

We were living right in front of the City Hall building. It means that our location was very central in the city of Daejeon. All access was within walking distance. So fortunate to offer grab-and-go service to get my soap gifts. Because of this, I received quite some customized orders for presents. I even offered ‘printed message’ service on the soap surface with the gold powder mica. As much as I enjoyed stamping the soap gifts, I could not resist the growth of my inventory list. More points to complain to start my day with.

The Wireman

Of course, Samuel gave up to hear the complains added up from day to day. The next day, I succeed to make him sat and studied my Excel file. He is a computer engineer. I could use his help, hhhh… I remembered I was so happy. I swallowed my giggles that I finally could make him sat next to me and listened to me, halved-crying*.

Well… after awhile looking at my file, he said he will not help to expand my Excel file. He would make a software instead! Say whaaaat?! Jackpot!!!

So, that was the first time I succeed dragging him into this business. As he loves wire, so I gave him the wire. He was hooked until now.

*Fake crying lol. But, I was so frustrated that I could not enjoy my hobby as smooth as I expected before. Hobby, it should be fun. I cried because I was not having that fun anymore. I didn’t realize back then that it was a sign of growth, that this hobby would become our family business.

Indeed it is.

Image Credits: Randall Bruder

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