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Thursday, July 5th, 2018

Over publishing 90 blog posts, I am confident to share some tips for you who ‘wish‘ to start on a writing project. It is not about the quality of content to produce in each writing at first. It is more about daily discipline to get to typing habits and a basic understanding of self-achievement. It feels just great to accomplish something new every day. It feels beyond great to write non-stoppable like this.

However, I notice that there are a few styles in writing a blog. Most of the blogs I have seen either it looks like a “Report Journal”, –the professor writing with many links reference, or a “Dear Diary”, –messy flowing writing without a clear message for the reader and takes time to read. So far, I cannot find any blog that suits my taste, –short to read and sweet with core messages. More specifically actually, I am blogging for our family skincare brand, FridaSkincare. I want it to be ‘short and sweet‘ both for the writer and the reader. Our blog is designed for busy people where one article only takes 1-2 minutes to enjoy.

A few times already, Samuel said that I am Crazy!  Well, if I could translate that C-word, he is actually asking me ‘How do I manage to do that writing -one blog a day in between running a business and raising a family all at the same time?’. So, here are some of my secrets to make daily writing possible although you have a crazy hectic life. Everything is in the initial preparation. So, the methods below can be replicated into writing a book, a novel, daily journal, any other writing products basically. So, are you ready?

1. Concepting Story into Category

Before I start blogging early this April, I spent the whole month of March 2018 to sketch and concept on the Blogging Category. Do spend time on category planning. Because this category is the main skeleton of the blog format. Without planning for its Category, the blogging ‘story’ will be structurally messy and it will end up as a Dear Diary. There are 7 categories in our FamilyBeauty Blog, as you can see it in this framed pin. It doesn’t have to have 7 categories. But, since I started with a ‘Daily Commitment‘, in my case, 7 topics is a must.

2. Create Writing Guideline

Since I don’t do blogging in a form like a diary-writing, I infuse my stories in related articles instead. So, it still feels there is a touch of personal experience and thoughts in the story flow. After I convinced myself about the ‘Daily Topic‘, I made a ‘writing guideline‘ for my daily blogging. First of all, I commit to writing only 300 words per article because honestly, I have no time for writing on the daily basis. I am busy, remember? : ) So, I stick to 300 words per post more or less. But, if the content of the same article is resulted in over 550 words, I will chop it into ‘Part 1‘ and ‘Part 2‘ for the same continuous content. 300 words of writing are basically about 1 page of text in A4 paper with standard font and size with extra space to rest the reader’s eye movement. Due to time constraints, I personally enjoy reading a short writing instead of a long one. Writing short posts psychologically forces the writer to put ‘just the necessary and only the necessary’ message in each article. This what makes ‘Diary-style‘ blogging different from ‘Diary-infused‘ writing in terms of the length of its wording.

3. Understanding Motivation & Commitment

In the end, my motive in daily writing is not to become a professional writer. It is also not to become a famous blogger. It is about existing as a family owned brand in the Social Media. Especially the ‘Self-Made‘ Category is basically written for our adorable daughter, Axelle. It is for her in the future time to be able to read our family journey from the beginning, starting since we planned for her existence on Earth. It is also more about proving myself and everyone around me that ‘Everything is Possible when We Commit to it’. It doesn’t matter how crazily busy my life is if I COMMIT to the daily writing to mark on the first 100 days of my blogging journey, I will always find A WAY to squeeze time.

Today, I have published 95 posts out of 100 posts in the initial commitment. In the next 5 days, the daily post is not going to be part of my high-priority tasks. Because I have a schedule for another self-challenge. Another Crazy one of course. Therefore, I will reorganize my writing schedule next week. Let’s keep on challenging ourselves for a more meaningful and fun life.


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