Celebrating 100 Posts: What Do I Learn from Daily Writing Commitment?

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Thursday, July 12th, 2018

You must not have noticed that I have posted over 100 posts. In the first week, I posted about 5 Reasons Why Everyday Writing is Important for Me. Well,… including this post, which is now 102 posts to be exact. The day that I challenged myself to write and publish our family blog every single day for the first 100 days came from the flame that that idea has been sleeping within me from at least 2 years ago when I was still nursing Axelle full-time. At that time, Samuel was very supportive to provide me with a blog template attached into our FridaSkincare website. However, I only wrote and published ONE article in that old version blog.

The Initial Writing Concept is Everything!

Back then, I had no clear concept of how I wanted the overall blog to look like, nor that I knew what writing style I wanted to stick into blogging. Blog writing was indeed quite a challenge for me because for many years my writing style has been shaped under machine-sounded sentences. I used to write a variety of reports during my professional works in the past. And I often became a formal ‘notulence’ writer, to sum up the meeting’s essentials. Not surprising that my writing tone in that first blog I had was sounded too boring and robotic. How could the readers get the message from my writings if I didn’t enjoy when I re-read that article to myself. So, I stopped after that ONE single post.

Bloggers Community, I don’t Get it.

Fast forward two years after that blogging failure, I didn’t want to repeat that blog-writing mistakes ever again. This what made me spent the whole month of March to draft and concept my actual running space for this FamilyBeauty blog. Because of that, I joined a few bloggers’ forums and groups on Facebook in a hope I would learn some secrets that only bloggers know about blog writing. What annoys me the most is that ALL that bloggers’ groups they have one day in a week to like and share each other posts, to boost the traffic. Not that it is a bad idea, but something is off about this concept of boosting the blog post. While, what I really want to know is the basic principles of how to get the real traffic, not a supporting fake-like traffic. That’s why I don’t see any point of doing ‘like for like’ or ‘share for share’ system through all the bloggers’ groups I joined. So, I just keep my purpose simple: I am blogging for my own community, my dear Family Beauty.

Knowing Myself Better!

Through daily writing, I get to know myself much much much better than ever. I cannot clearly describe ‘how’. But it gives my fingers some flexibility to type, to express my invisible thoughts into something readable. Now, when I start writing, I rarely have a moment of blank-staring my screen. I can just freely type and re-arrange my sentences with ease without any concern if I might change the overall writing message because my brain has been trained to do its own idea-organization. Now, I have a natural writing flow for granted as one of the results from this daily writing commitment. And to know that in total I have produced over 30,000 words from a simple calculation of a minimum 300 words per post for a straight 100 days publishing. It is worth a book. By knowing my own capacity, I am confident that I can write a book within 3-months time if I commit to it. YEAH!!


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