How Does It Feel to Marry a French Man? Part 1

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

No, my French man that I am married to is not into a poem, a song, or anything flirty. A perfect fit for me.

Cuisine is Everything

From Samuel, I know goûter. If you google-translate it will show the meaning ‘to taste‘. Yup! French people have a goûter culture ‘to taste‘ in the afternoon, at around 3 to 4 PM. This goûter includes tasting a variety of cheeses spread on a slice of biscotte, –the super-toasted bread, it is hard tasteless and crispy. Accompanied by a cup of tisane, —a shooting and stimulating herbal or botanical infusion. It is like a tea basically but without caffeine. A goûter may sound like a normal ‘snacking time‘ for common people like me. Until I personally joined one goûter day at my in-law’s house, I know that a goûter is a delicacy of something more. It is very special feeling to spend a quality of time chit-chatting with the whole family who is at home at a goûter time.

Natural Look

If you happen to meet any French lady or you have visited France for once, you will notice the facial appearance of the French women. Unlike in Asia or unlike most American girlfriends I know of, French women are proud to ‘bare-beauty‘ going outside. In the past, I was with a few facial-layers because I thought and saw it as something normal. The idea of FridaSkincare encourages women to show their ‘true beauty‘ through our products basically comes from my French marital origin.

Exclusive Guests

In the last post, I wrote about ‘Overwhelming Invites‘. It is about the unstoppable weekly events and ceremonial to attend in Indonesian culture. On the other side of the planet, in France, French people value the exclusivity of their guests. On the wedding day, you may get an invite to witness the wedding ceremony but you will not necessarily be invited to the private evening reception to enjoy the wedding meals with the Bride and the Groom. Simply because they want to have an atmosphere that promotes family and closeness feeling, instead of presenting the crowd to the event.

Next week, How Does it Feel to Marry a French Man? Part 2.

Image Credits: Keila Hötzel

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