Friday Freebie for Troubled Scalp

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Friday, April 20th, 2018

Friday Freebie for Troubled Scalp

This week Freebie, I am looking for the troubled scalp. Either scalp with dandruff, itchy, or scalp with hair lice.

There was one case of a little kid whose Mom came to me and asking for a natural remedy. I asked this Mother to shampoo the kid’s head with our product. And to continue scalp treatment with our Toner.

How to Use Information:

  1. Wash clean the head and hair with our Shampoo. Rinse well with water, just like normal shampooing.
  2. Spray directly the scalp with just enough Toner on the damp scalp. Gently massage with fingertips.
  3. Leave it to dry if possible without a help of a hairdryer.
  4. If using a hairdryer is a must for an emergency case scenario: Please, hair-drying the hair first, and Toner-massage the scalp after that. Let the Toner dry on the scalp naturally.
  5. In Summer OR for (overly) oily hair, washing hair every day will be just fine. Just don’t forget Toner-massage the scalp after washing it every time.
  6. YES, this Facial Toner also works for balancing the scalp as well.

Please comment below with a short and sweet story about your scalp condition, with an extra story on how you do your scalp or hair routine. The ‘catchy’ comment(s) will win a set of FridaSkincare Shampoo +  Toner!!!

Before participating in Friday Freebie, please be so kind to read the Rules of Game here.

If you agree to our terms and condition, please submit your catchy comment below! ^^


2 Replies to “Friday Freebie for Troubled Scalp”

  1. Mbak Frida, ini pas banget sama problemku. Sejak awal winter kemarin, rambutku mendadak ketombean parah, terutama di bagian atas dahi. Awalnya aku pikir ini karena udara winter yang kering, tapi ternyata berlanjut sampe sekarang. Aku biasanya keramas dengan shampo 3-4 hari sekali, dan aq bilas pakai larutan cuka apel untuk meredakan ketombenya. Berhasil di awal tapi ketombe tetep balik lagi T___T Kepala jadi gatal dan rambut gampang lepek deh. Let me try your hair routine mbak, I’ve had enough ‘snowy’ head 🙁

  2. Hi Nina Anindya! Sure thing. But it needs to be picked up or complete your transaction today at the latest before 3 pm. Please read the Rule of Game here:
    Valid your wish quickly today!~^^

    And if I would suggest for your hair treatment, please stop conditioning your hair with vinegar. Though it is natural, the percentage of the acidic dilution may be not correct. This may cause the scalp issue and snowy dandruff. Once you use our hair treatment..please stop this vinegar rinsing. Natural home remedy always comes with an eye-ball measurement which causes later issue.
    Ok, the products are waiting to be ‘picked up’~^^★

    Note: we have received your handling fee. The parcel is on the way to your door. Expect for it to arrive tomorrow! Hoping you will have a healthier scalp soon with this duo-hair-treatment! Looking forward to receiving your success story (please review each product on the website). Thank you, Nina, for your participation! <3

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