Friday Freebie for Mom and Baby

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Friday, June 8th, 2018

Friday Freebie for Mom and Baby

Earlier this week, I semi-launched our new product in a post that I wrote: There is One Lotion that Fits Mom & Baby. Continuing our Tuesday’s post, herewith we offer our New Frida Product, Baby Lotion that offers gentle nourishment to the skin with a Soufflé-Mousse texture. As always, each of our Frida products carries extra benefits and multi-purpose.


This week’s Beneficiaries of Frida Baby Lotion

– Over 2-year-old kid who needs to have a special delicate Baby Lotion

– An early stage Pregnant Mom who wants to rub her belly with our Baby Lotion as a Belly Massage Cream to avoid stretch marks.

– Someone who wants to use our Frida Baby Lotion as both a Facial Cream (Night Cream and Day Cream) and a regular Hand Cream

Please comment below how are you going to use this Baby Lotion. And share a little sweet about you, I always happy to read it. 🙂

We have 3 Baby Lotions to give away this week. Maybe it could be more than 3, it depends on your comments! ^^

Note: Before participating in Friday Freebie, please be so kind to read the Rules of Game here.

2 Replies to “Friday Freebie for Mom and Baby”

  1. Mbak Frida, I always excited about your lotion, even more excited knowing this lotion is especially made for babies (my 4yo still count as a baby, right? 😉). As you know she has some problems with her skin, she has dry skin (probably because of bathing with hot water) and even though your regular lotion does good job to moisturize her skin, she’s not really impressed with the fragrance (it’s smells soo good to me, though!). And to be honest, yes I will also use this lotion as facial cream, because why not? Can’t wait to try this out! 😍

    1. Hello mba Nina Anindya, i am expecting you actually~^^ Definitely one Baby Lotion for your little girl which you can also enjoy it as your facial cream~~^^ Please follow the next step before Monday 3pm. Have a great Sunday~~♥

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