How I Use Social Media to the Minimum

Journey to Minimalism
Saturday, June 9th, 2018

I loooove Social Media but I have a little time to waste on it. So, I only do the essential when it comes to posting and commenting. Facebook is actually my main Social Media. I use it as my Photo Album when I was a solo-traveller. For now, as an online Photo Album, it is still nice as an idea. Yet, in a reality having to raise a kid and running a business at the same time, I start to have a short breath. My thumbs are not as aggressive as I had once, as it is shaking when I am in rush. Well, most of the time I am in rush. Making it impossible to join any ‘thumb-chatting’.

Limiting the Comments

I have over 1,500 friends on Facebook. I have Kakaotalk, WhatsApp, Line, Skype, Instagram, Youtube. For an example, when I post something on Facebook, I will be bombarded by comments that have question marks at the end. It means that I have to reply them one by one. What I did was… for the past 2 years, I stop replying to comments. Through this “comment-ignoring” habits, my commentators learned that I am not always there online. The next time, they will hesitate to comment on my posts. It worked and still it works. For now, I only use facebook to share beneficial information. I also limit myself to commenting other’s posts. Simply it is for a fewer thumbs movement and to not fall deeper into another ‘time waster loop’.

Eliminating the Garbage

There are many ways to block our eyes to not seeing any media garbages. I ‘Hide Post‘ whenever I see a certain post which I disallow my brain to digest it in the future. I “Stop the Notification” of any post that is not useful or entertaining on my timeline. I “Unfollow’ or “Leave Group” and I ‘unfriend’ some friends on the list if they are not showing any quality in their posts that meet my standard. So far, I have “Blocked” 2 people on my friends’ list. It is simply because this specific person is toxins. Plus, I could never imagine befriending in real life with someone that loves to badmouthing another human being.

The good thing about Social Media is that it just takes one click away to remove the toxins.

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