There is One Lotion that Fits Mom & Baby

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Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

Have you ever imagined to have just ONE Lotion that serves as a Facial Cream, Body Lotion, Belly Massage Cream, Baby Lotion, and Hand Cream, all at once?

A Special Request

After having a request from one of our loyal customers who has a unique skin dryness. She was looking for a facial treatment product for her complex dry skin. Thinking to provide her with a Face Cream but it is against our minimalist skincare concept. FridaSkincare Facial Care line offers no Face Cream product as we design it to be a blending-able LEGO-Like Skincare. A combination of our facial oils:

[Beautifying Coenzyme Serum for antiaging / Purifying Anti-Blemish Face Oil for breakouts / 100% Pure Argan Oil for the naturist]

with one of our hydra-extraction serums:

[Magnifying Elixir for all-in antiaging super dry skin / Clarifying Anti-Blemish Solution for the all-in breakouts, marks, shiny oily skin]

will turn it into a fresh cream that can be applied directly to the face. Also, it is possible to be share-used with the whole family members. However, this one customer’s skin is a complex dryness. She feels her skin is extra dry although it looks super healthy and glows flawlessly.

Faux Dryness Electrostatic Skin?

It seems to me that her body produces and stores a higher level of electrostatic than everybody else. This makes her skin reacts as ‘Faux Dryness‘. She has no skin issue at all. Her skin is clear and without any pimples. She admitted that her hair never gets oily even if she skipped shampooing for a week. She also said that her skin is sensitive to any oil-contained products. Yet, her skin is fine with our Frida Body Butter. I found that this is weird as Body Butter also contains oils, even hard oils. She tried applying with Our Frida Elixir to trap the moisture under her skin, but she said it is not giving a strong effect. I found it super weird, as our Elixir is formulated for the skin to survive the Korean rough dry and super cold Winter with the Siberian cold wave. This makes my curiosity higher. I wanted so badly to solve her skin issue and to help her find the right product from our skincare catalogue.

Finding The Right Formula

Knowing the fact that her facial skin is fine with our Frida Body Butter, I asked her to try our Frida Body Lotion, because our Body Butter is made only for Winter. I want her to treat her skin all year long, as our commitment to serve all type of skin. Frida Body Lotion works like a charm on her skin. Yet, she dislikes the extra scent from this Body Lotion sticks on her face all day long.

Axelle’s Body Lotion

So, we decide to turn our delicate Lotion formula into 2 types: Fragranced and NON Fragrance. We keep all the other ingredients with the same percentage because our Frida Lotion’s formula has been helping a lot of skin issues including some kids with severe atopic dermatitis skin condition. Additionally, we don’t want to change the ‘Working Formula‘. Axelle now starts to wear my Lotion on her legs before sleeping, –to copy my habit perhaps. So, it is wise to split this Lotion formula to serve some people with a ‘sensitive nose‘ to any scent, like the pregnant women. The expected Mothers can enjoy this Lotion to rub their belly in the daily basis to avoid stretch-marks. This Lotion formula has helped my stomach skin to stay young post pregnancy.

Introducing an Ultimate Solution

Note: Stay tuned this Friday for the Freebies! We are going to offer you this New Product~^^

Image Credits: Henley Design Studio

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