Are You One of 4 Agents of Change?

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Thursday, June 7th, 2018

Talking about the agents of change, would you consider to join the force? Perhaps, in fact, you have already what it takes to become one. Let’s see if you fit the category of Agent of Change.


We only have ONE time in our life to be under this Youth category. Each country set their own age range to categorize the Youth age. For example, Indonesia defines Youth as 16 to 30 years old, while in America the Youth age is ranged between 14 and 25 years old. So, to avoid the confusion and to neutralize this variety of age numbers definition worldwide, I would define Youth for the persons between 15 and 24 years old age as it refers to the UN standard. Explaining this kinda makes me feel old. Well, the point to split this number opens is to show that our adulthood age range is only 9 years time. This 9 years worth the “Worldmanship“, if it is even a word in English. Worldmanship is a ‘puppa’ phase for a person either to ignore or to care for the entire world. A golden age that needs to be honed under a quality guidance.


There are some unfortunate young people who have no opportunity to step into a school, a formal institution. However, if they become students, they could get their voice heard by the authority. If they do a protest or a demonstration on the street wearing a certain institution uniform, their voice could go far beyond. Thus they have the power to change a corrupted system, for an example. They can scale up their impact when they are acknowledged as ‘the school persons‘ because simply the school is a formal institution to change one’s life for the better future.


This type of agents of change is not limited only to the people with active wombs. Motherhood is to symbolize the qualities characteristic of a mother. Even a husband could be a mother to his kids. Whoever taking their lifetime nurturing a human to supply to a better generation cycle, is a Mother. Youth, they need to be honed under a quality guidance from at least a Mother. Mothers have the power to change the future quality of human living on Earth.


The economic crafter or the impact maker or the influencer are all under the same belt “The Entrepreneurs“. They are the agents of change that do not change his/her life only but also others who help and involve in running their ‘Craftmanship’ wheels. This type of agent is having no age boundary. From 1-year-old to super old-man can enter this Entrepreneurial journey with the success rate of success is equal. This is the agent of change that dares to risk everything for a purpose to change the world to be a better place.

We could be easily skipping the first three types of the Agents of Change due to irresistibly aging and no passion to nurture a life. Yet, there is one ultimate way to change the world regardless the age, and it requires spreading out our inner voice during the journey, it is by being an Entrepreneur.

Image Credits: Pixabay

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