Friday Freebie

The Requirement for Participation in Friday Freebie Event:

  • The Fridays Freebie recipients will be responsible to pay for the shipping and parcel handling of 5,000won before Mondays 3 PM, through a bank transfer.
  • Parcel will be shipped through ‘CJ Tekbe’ delivery company on Mondays and is expected to deliver to your doorstep on the next day.
  • FridaSkincare Kookmin Bank account: 572401-04-079397. Once the transfer is done, please confirm it by a text message to 010-3037-SevenFourEightTwo.
  • Alternatively, the parcel can also be picked up by only the direct recipient, cannot be represented, at our offline store in Daejeon, on Mondays before we close at 7 PM, the latest.
  • An exceptional Friday Freebie for the underage kids: one of the parents can represent the kid to validate the offer and to be a spokesperson to review the product(s).
  • We don’t offer any 착불 or Cash on Delivery (COD) system. We try to arrange this event as simple as it is, please kindly understand.
  • The offer is simply forfeited by Mondays for any unclaimed Freebies.
  • Fridays Freebie offer is valid until Mondays only, –3 days–, after the Freebie event posted on our FamilyBeauty blog.
  • Once the parcel is received and tried, the recipients are happy to agree to submit an honest review(s) of the product(s) on our website within one (1) week time.
  • Honest Review(s) of the product(s) can be submitted in either English, Bahasa Indonesia, or Korean in Hangeul.
  • Participants that are still pending on submitting their honest review(s) will not be eligible to participate for the next Fridays Freebie, not until completing the whole cycle of this weekly event. Sorry…
  • Fridays Freebie event is offered exclusively for domestic locations in Korea, for the time being.
  • Friday Freebie is fully offered in Good Faith by FridaSkincare.

I have read and fully understand the Friday Freebie Requirement above. I will be happy to participate and complete the whole circle of this Freebie event brought by FridaSkincare.

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