Friday Freebie for Summer Travel Set

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Friday, June 1st, 2018

Friday Freebie for Summer Travel Set

Summer. Shower. Bath. Travel. Water. Splash. Fresh.

This offer is about ‘Clean to Revive‘ during hot summer. These are packed into 3 bottles for Summer Wash. We have 3 sets for 3 happy participants.

How to use the products is explained in steps below. Each set contains 100ml each of:

1- Perfecting Hair Treatment Shampoo

Wet your hair and shampoo your hair. Get the freshness overload from the botanical extracts blends.

2- Energizing Body Wash

Wet your whole body and enjoy rubbing and massaging. Use a wet bath sponge if you like more lathers. Enjoy the aromatherapy effect during shower.

3- Rejuvenating Hair Tonic Conditioner

Wash and rinse your hair and body. Apply your hair and whole body surface with our Frida Conditioner. Yes, body too! It would act as a wash-off body lotion to get a super light moisturizing-coating during Summer wash Rinse well again at the end. Applying the ‘after-shower’ Body Lotion can be skipped if you already apply this Conditioner ‘during-shower‘.

Extra Benefits of Our Frida Conditioner:

– Body Conditioner during shower

It would act as a wash-off body lotion to get a super light moisturizing-coating during Summer wash. This is a perfect way to lightly condition the skin for You who dislike the sticky feel of a regular Leave-in Body Lotion during Summer. This is the perfect wash-off Body Moisturizer for Oily Skin type. And this is also Axelle’s, –my almost 3 years old baby-, favourite product during her shower time!

– Leave-in Hair Gel

You can also use our Frida Conditioner as a leave-in hair gel to style your hair. Don’t worry, it will not drip under the hot Sun even staying for long hours. This “hair balm” method has helped many of our customers with thicker, long, curly, ethnic hair to tame down their hair. The longer it stays on hair the softer the hair will become.

To join, please comment below on your travel plan and/or how you imagine taking this Travel set to. Be creative and use your imagination to the max. And get this set delivered in front of your door~^^

Note: Before participating in Friday Freebie, please be so kind to read the Rules of Game here.

4 Replies to “Friday Freebie for Summer Travel Set”

  1. I will be traveling back home to America! My mother is also suffering from some bald patches so I would love to bring her this set from Korea!
    The shampoo and conditioner set sound so refreshing! I hope we get a chance to try it!

  2. I love your products! My korean husband suffers from a few places that are thinning and I would love to gift him his own set. He has used my set that I have of yours and he loves it. He just feels bad snatching mine 😆☺️

  3. Hi Amy, we would love to send a set for your husband and looking forward to his honest reviews about the products on our website!~^^ Please follow the next step before 3pm Monday 4th June, thank you~^^
    PS: I will include this set in your today’s parcel! Sorry, I manage to confirm that this comment is yours! 🙂

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