What is an Entrepreneur?

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Wednesday, June 6th, 2018

“What is an Entrepreneur?” This was my very own question in the past. I was confused by the term of ‘entrepreneur’. Having Master of Commerce from one of the reputable business schools in Australia did not give me any clue to that word. In fact, in reality, I have met quite some entrepreneurs. Just, I was not aware because I have been dragged so much into the word of ‘business’. Now that I know exactly how to answer this ‘dry-aging’ question. I will try to spell out ‘What is an Entrepreneur’.

A Crafter

An entrepreneur is actually a crafter. They craft their lives and shape their future life. And most of the time, they ignore the ‘generic rules‘ that have been rootedly prescribed in the common society. While the common people are passing smoothly through the tunnel, they are busy sweating to dig their own tunnel.

An Agent of Change

An entrepreneur is one of the agents of change. They dare to innovate, to create, to influence, to impact, and to spread the benefits to as many people as they could.  They care so much about themselves as much as they care a lot about others. They always try to fit in into a sustainability work, either they are consciously aware of it or not. Therefore, most of ‘difficult workers‘ and ‘difficult students‘ are joining the entrepreneurial journey. Because the ‘generic life’ is not for them, and it never fits them.

A Gambler

Unlike a businessman, an entrepreneur would set aside the risk management. Although manually the ideal entrepreneur is someone who also considers the risk. Yet in reality, many entrepreneurs are the ‘free jumping artists‘.  They don’t calculate the risk. They breathe in and live with the risks every single day. They value the risk as much as they value the profits.

If you can ‘feel’ that you are having one or all the symptoms above, this is the moment for you to start questioning these 4 Ultimate questions to Earn Back your Freedom and Fulfilment. And if you have decided to be an independent person having a set of intact values and messages to spread around with, you need to know these 3 Things to Know before Embracing an Entrepreneurial Life.

Image Credits: Sascha Düser

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