Friday Freebie for Facial Gel-Cream for Dry Skin 

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Friday, June 15th, 2018

Friday Freebie for Facial Gel-Cream for Dry Skin 

As you notice that we have 3 Facial Oils:

I simply want you to pick ONE of Frida Facial Oils above that is most loved by your skin. Pick just One! Because I will top it off with our one of our hydra-extraction serums:

  • Magnifying Elixir: This is a superb serum formulated for (super) dry skin to help fight against all-in antiaging problems
  • Clarifying Anti-Blemish Solution: This serum is specially formulated to fight against breakouts, pimple marks, shiny oily skin

How To Use Them:

  • On a clean palm after washing the face and pat dry with a clean towel, add 5 drops of selected Frida Facial Oil and top it off with 2 drops of selected Frida Hydrabase Serum. Stir the combo liquids with a fingertip and turn it to Gel-Cream. Dab it into several spots on all over the facial skin using the same fingertip, until the gel-cream is transferred fully onto the face surface. Don’t forget the neck skin if you have extra leftover of this gel-cream. Massage and rub it using circular upward motion. A perfect moisturizer for daytime and nighttime routine.

This week’s Beneficiaries of Frida Facial Gel-Cream 

Whoever with a SEVERE SKIN DRYNESS, including with or without acne. Please comment below which Facial Oil would help your skin out. Tell me a little story about your skin type, skin condition and your normal routine AM PM, so I know clearly what set I should offer you!~^^ I don’t have a limit to a certain number of sets to give away this week. I count on your specific comment. The clearer I understand your skin condition, the most likely you will get a set of this Facial Gel-Cream~^^

Note: Before participating in Friday Freebie, please be so kind to read the Rules of Game here.

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