The Differences Between an Entrepreneur and a Businessman

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Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

Although some people say that an entrepreneur and a businessman are similar, yet there are some fundamental differences that cannot be simply ignored between the two of them. Last time, I wrote about “What is an Entrepreneur?” which mostly focuses on Entrepreneur world. This time, I try to differentiate between the two. It is not that one is better than the other, they are just different in 3 separate eggshells.

Mindset Authenticity

An entrepreneur tends to create an authentic pathway that fits their mind and skill. They don’t mind to sweat-digging a new route while a businessman tends to apply business methods that are already established to keep it running well on the day to day basis. Entrepreneurs want to be as different as possible because being authentic is everything for people with this entrepreneur mindset. While the businessman shapes their mind and sticks to the working methods.

Starting up

When starting the business project, a businessman thinks about Risk Management and calculate directly how to make Return on Investment (RoI) happens as soon as possible. Therefore, a businessman will think a lot on numbers prior starting, including how many employees they will have etcetera. An entrepreneur will first use him/herself to do all the possible works involving their talents and skills. This is when they totally ignore the Time Management because they enjoy the process. These two different ways of entering the business world make one is more ready for the Marketing tasks than the other one. After the product or idea is launched, entrepreneurs always come to shock because they are not ready to swim in the marketing and selling taskforce.

Cashing In

An entrepreneur likes to set aside how their cash will inflow in the first place as they are more into following their mind and gut. An entrepreneur uses whatever they have on hand to make money. A businessman uses their money to generate more money. An entrepreneur tends to change the world and impact a greater audience. The small business owner tends to earn a living from running the business, like opening a shop. An entrepreneur is someone who creates value, e.g: making a business from scratch worth a Franchise. A Businessman is someone who manages value, e.g: being the Franchise shop owner. It is never one against another. These two skills should collaborate beautifully to deliver the most benefits to the market.

A Little Confusion

The confusion starts when there is an entrepreneur who uses their money, –because money is what he/she has–, to create more money. This is when these two terms of Entrepreneur and Businessman become a bias. Nevertheless, we need to crack the egg to make an omelette. Conquering the business world is for those who are equipped with the business tools. Eventually, being an entrepreneur seems to be an ‘angelic’ way to enter the business world. But, at the end of the road, this same entrepreneur will need to become a businessman to pump in their cash flow so that they can survive. Entrepreneurial is an angelic mindset to join the business venture because their ‘cash-in‘ is not only for them and their family but also for the whole world. Cash-in doesn’t have to be a real cash money. Cash-in can be a world-class impact or other benefits that are offered to outer-wider circle when one has succeeded their entrepreneurial journey. Being an entrepreneur or a businessman is just two different entrances where both definitely need cash inflow to run the business.

A Little Tip

For the factual and visual differences between an entrepreneur and a businessman, do watch ‘The Founder“. This movie is about the creation of McDonald Franchise. It is between 2 McDonald’s sibling of this fast food chain founders and a businessman Ray Kroc who actually the real owner of McDonald. After this movie, you will clearly see why being an entrepreneur solely is not going to survive in the business world without a proper business skill, and vice versa.

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