3 Things to Know before Embracing an Entrepreneurial Life

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Wednesday, May 30th, 2018

Some people… in fact, many people seem to know ‘everything’ when it comes to run a business. Indeed, running a business it is just a collaboration of ‘something to sell‘ and ‘selling skill‘ to simply put it in words. I was one of that ‘many people‘ once. All theory and methods I learned from a reputable school of business a few years back are incomparable to the real facts until I run my own business; until we run our own business. If I would have to rethink all over again, these are the 3 pillars to sketch on a piece of paper before committing to an entrepreneurial life to avoid zigzagging too much in running a business.

Knowing WHAT

Please note that I am not against zigzagging as it is a respectful learning curve. In fact, I have been zigzagging a lot in the past. What I am trying to stress out here is to question one ultimate question:”What job may serve your soul well?“. Nowadays, we are free to create our own job title. We are in the era where it is possible to create a new job industry. The more precise you answer this question, the closer you are to your ultimate freedom. Do know what you want. And own it.

Knowing WHY

Once the ‘What’ answer above is set. The path is clearer than before. Next is to put the strongest foundation to the ‘What’ above by asking this: “Why you do what you are doing?“. This is the core of any business. A business owner should be very conscious of this question. Failed to provide an answer to this question results in a weak relationship with the end-customers. Ideally, every business needs to have a story of why they exist in the first place. A business story is a gateway to connect heart-to-heart to the targetted customers.

Knowing HOW

This is the trickiest among the ‘What’ and ‘Why’ above. If ‘What’ is digging the truth from the business owner, and ‘Why’ is connecting the business owner’s philosophy to the targetted customers, then this ‘How’ is crocheting those ‘What’ and ‘Why’ into the marketing and selling platforms. When it comes to marketing and selling like social media, it is like a wide-open ocean. It doesn’t matter how well you can swim, the water temperature may still kill you. It doesn’t matter how many marketing books you have read or how many business seminars you have attended, the strategic business practice for the unique business will never follow the generic methods written in books.

Deciding our own destiny and our own job title in the business industry we chose to play a part in, the only way to survive is to keep swimming until we get used to the water temperature or we have reached the land beautifully.

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