The Hair Loss Story in Korea and The Natural Solution from Frida

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Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

These are a few real stories I gathered from the end of the year 2017. They participated in my Scalp Serum formula. I want to say Thank You to all the participants. I am so humbly grateful to have touched your confidence in a way that I could. I have some other participants who are not yet submitting their updates and pictures. I will update this post once I finish collecting data from the remaining participants.

Frida’s Scalp Serum Project Summary

As you read through their Hair Stories, you will notice that the very visible improvements are from the participants who were USING IT TWICE DAILY. Psychologically it makes sense. The more desperate, the more diligent you are. Clearly that the Commitment and Routine are two important aspects of growing back healthy hair. And HOW FAST THE RESULT SHOWS are depending on the historical causes and the status of the follicle, either it is still active or already ‘lazy’. All the participants that shown here they only used 1 bottle of 30 ml size during this project. Some of them are happily continuing the treatment with the Scalp Serum. Therefore, this post will be frequently updated from time to time.

Introducing Frida New Product: Reviving Scalp Serum Complex

This is one of the longest and stressful formulations I have done to complete FridaSkincare products line. Let alone the time for me to wait for each scalp to show its results with the new growing baby hair. Sharing the happiness with the participants whose are enjoying their new hair made this formulation is all worth it. Proudly launching this Reviving Scalp Serum Complex product to join our natural force.

Now, are you ready to have your hair growing again while living in Korea? Do you miss having thick hair you once had? Have you been waiting to naturally strengthen your hair with the real result? All you need is a Commitment to do a twice-daily routine for the best and quickest result.


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