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Thursday, June 14th, 2018

It took me years to land my feet to my dream job. But, it actually only needs to answer a couple of deep questions to myself. Those questions, even I haven’t finished answering all of them, direct me to where exactly I want it to be. So, this is the route of what I did and I still do to start working on my dream job.

Dedication & Developing Skill at Others’

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of working at the UN because I would travel, speak English, and earn in Dollars, not Rupiah. Eventually, in my twenties, I got a chance to work for the UN. I was equipped with a cool UN name tag and escorted by a CD plate on Land Cruiser, —a car with the diplomatic license–, whenever I went out from the office. I thought I have landed on my dream job. Until the snob-feeling was accumulated that made my chest heavy. I didn’t enjoy the feeling whenever my on-the-field duty was seen as angelic work by the beneficiaries. I felt like I have suffered my ‘genuine giving‘ and ‘love-to-help‘ characters to the lowest level when the people who need the help putting themselves as a ‘lower human worth‘ whenever they see me with the UN name tag. Moments like those withdrawn me from staying at the UN. But, during my service, I have developed a set of incredible skills that I am still using it until now. So, nothing to lose.

To Get or To Create?

This is a fundamental question before anything else. Asking myself if I would be happy to stay in a corporate job or not. Would I be Ok enough to accept nine-to-five clockwork from Monday to Friday and enjoying my monthly salary and the weekends like most people do? Life would be simpler with less thing to care for. Fortunately, I already know that I was always happier to work on my own project on my own timeline. So, I stop updating my Resume. I focused on Creating one job that I like most. It was a struggle to find it because I liked every craft projects. Crafting is a wide ocean. And I had to pick ONE. Read here for my zigzagging journey. And this is my 4 Ultimate Questions I asked myself prior earning back my freedom and fulfilment.

If you believe that you have more to offer to the community and even to the world, this is a reason for you to read this: Why Having a Mission is Everything in a Self Life. However, if you believe that your dream job is at a big famous company, just enjoy reading my journey with a cup of milk. My journey to land on my dream job was in fact to CREATE, never to GET. If I can escape from the corporate job, so do you!


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