3 Daily Outwears to Simplify

Journey to Minimalism
Saturday, May 5th, 2018

When it comes to shopping, the adrenaline talks. Once it is in the blood it can be addicted. Now it is time to get back to the logical mind and to let go the emotions when it comes to daily wear. It should serve the original purpose of wearing, back to where it supposed to be.


Starting this Spring, I plan to keep a maximum of these: 10 long pieces, 6 T-shirt, 4 long pants, 3 shorts, 3 skirts, 14 undies, and 6 inner tops in my closet. Also some scarfs and pashminas to mix-and-match the daily outfits. Though I have not decided if this number will include Winter items of clothing or not. I need to validate this number in the next Winter time.


Raising a kid made me realize that I adore simplicity in many different ways. I used to have colourful footwears, from carrot orange sneakers to Barbie pink high heels. Not to forget, must-have items from sandals to the long black boots for winter. However, the most used one is neutral-colour flat shoes. Because I walk at least 30-40 minutes every day, I just want a simple comfy footwear. I plan to have just 3 pairs of flat shoes, maximum, with good quality of materials so it could last longer.


Same as above, Axelle helps me to conclude that I don’t really need accessories nor jewellery, except my precious wedding ring. I have been without earings for a very long time. I remember there was a time when I used to change my earpieces and necklaces following my outfit of the day. I took some of my collection to Korea and I still keep them, beautifully wrapped still. I haven’t decided yet about how many of them I would keep at the end because I need to see each of them one more time before I can decide. Some of them have sentimental values attachment which I believe it would hold me for awhile before I can let it go for real. It’s going to be a drama for these items~

LUCKILY, I only need to deal with this “detachable SkinWears” to clean up along with my clothing and footwear collections. Because proudly I have already cleaned up our “applicable SkinWears” from facial care, body care, hair care, to our home care throughout our entrepreneurial journey with FridaSkincare, a Minimalist Family Skincare.

Image Credits: Ignacio Campo

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