Friday Freebie for Acne-prone Skincare Set

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Friday, July 13th, 2018

Friday Freebie for Acne-prone Skincare Set

A couple of days ago, I wrote 5 Steps to Treat Acne-prone Skin with Natural Products from FridaSkincare. If you haven’t read it, you have to read it first thing first before submitting your Friday Freebie this week. Because it has a clear instruction on how to treat the acne-prone skin with our Frida products that come in a complete set. That’s right, you will get 1 complete troubleshooting set from Frida. Please read below what I expect from you in return~^^


This week’s Beneficiaries of Frida Acne-prone Skincare Set

Please tell your story in the comment below including the information about (1) how long have you been suffered from acne-prone skin condition? (2) Mention if you are having acne with ‘Normal to Dry Skin Type’ OR ‘Oily to Combination Skin Type’? Besides your acne-prone skin story, please PM me (3) your picture focusing on the troubled skin. And also, (4) one more picture of all of the products you are using or wearing on your face where those products you will commit to stop using or wearing it during the full-set treatment with our Frida products. Lastly, (5) you have to stay in touch during the treatment and send Frida your weekly updated pictures.

If you are Ok with those 5 requirements, you are entitled to receive 1 full set of acne-prone troubleshooting set. All the photos submitted are happily released for FridaSkincare, all rights reserved. Please do not send a blur-taken photo. I will crop and hide your facial character for any publication of course!~^^

Read how to use all the products in this set, here

Note: Before participating in Friday Freebie, please be so kind to read the Rules of Game here.

Image Credits: Pixabay

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