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Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

We have been asked multiple times to write an ‘instruction’ about what specific products to select for Acne-prone Skin from our Frida product catalogue. So, this is it with an extra information of how to apply it properly for both AM and PM daily routine to treat the blossomed blemishes with our natural product line. This regiment will help to uncover the true beauty behind the troubled skin. Expect a healthier skin after a week treatment with the complete set of our blemish products line. Try and let me know!

STEP 1. Cleanse your Face Twice Daily 

We separate the way we cleanse the troubled skin into 2 options. Please find the best cleansing method that suits the need of skin types below. So, if you are having:

  • Normal to Dry skin type with Acne: Wash your face with a combination of Oil Cleanser + Foam Cleanser. The mix of these two cleansers will create some sort of creamy cleanser during massaging the face. The Oil Cleanser will firstly help to dig out the hidden dirt on the pores. And the Foam Cleanser will add a creamy texture during the facial massage and it helps the rinsing process smoother at the end which is beneficial for the dry skin type.
  • Oily to Combination skin type with (inflamed) Acne: Wash your face with our Foam Cleanser. Our Foam Cleanser will help to dry the active pimples without drying out the skin surface. Rinse well and pat dry with a towel as usual.

STEP 2. Regular Mask and Weekly Scrubbing

Our Mask & Scrub is formulated as an ‘Acne Treatment‘. So, please do not hesitate to regularly mask with it and weekly scrub the face with this same 2-in-1 product. It is important to also understand the rule of thumb of exfoliating. There are 3 Types of Facial Skin that are Forbidden to be Scrubbed. One of the forbidden skin conditions to be scrubbed is the inflamed acne area. As for the masking purpose, please enjoy whenever you feel a need to mask the face with our Frida Mask&Scrub. Use this product as a facial mask only by avoiding scrubbing during rinsing at the final stage. Try at least 30 minutes or up to 1 hour of masking with our Frida Mask& Scrub as it will help to dry out the active acne almost instantly. With enough masking time, you will notice, –especially the small-sized pimples-, they will dry right after the mask is rinsed off.


STEP 3. Balance your Sebum Production

Every time after washing the face (Step 1) and after masking or scrubbing treatment (Step 2), tap the face with our Frida Toner. This alcohol-free Toner helps the sebaceous glands to naturally find the right balance of its skin sebum after contacting with the rinsing water. Also, this Toner helps control bacterial growth on the skin, especially on the troubled skin, without over-drying it.

STEP 4. Troubleshooting & Moisturizing

There are 2 ways to troubleshoot the acne-prone skin, ie. through Oil-blend therapy and Hydra-based serums. We have Blemish Facial Oil that is rich in Melaleuca Extract. Melaleuca or Tea Tree Oil is one of the natural remedies to soothe and calm the blemish breakouts. Yet, I don’t suggest applying it on the Oily or Combination skin type. So my best recommendation is following the skin type as below:

  • Normal to Dry skin type with Acne: This type of skin needs an extra emollient to mimic the skin moisture. This is when the Blemish Facial Oil with Tea Tree extract as a natural antifungal and antibacterial is needed. On a clean hand palm, blend the Blemish Facial Oil along with our ultimate hydra-based serum of Anti-blemish Solution. Apply directly to the clean face. Alternatively, apply the Anti-blemish Solution at first and then following the application of Blemish Facial Oil with the tapping ritual to top it off. I prefer this second method to really ensure that the Acne Solution Serum has been absorbed well before applying the blemish facial oil to moisturize the skin.
  • Oily to Combination skin type with (inflamed) Acne: For this sebum active type of skin, the Facial Oil is not needed. This skin best suits with our 100% water-based formula instead, Frida Anti-blemish Solution. Just directly apply it all over the face. This Blemish Solution acne serum will hugely decrease the shiny skin surface by controlling the sebum production after a few weeks of routine application. Also, this same acne troubleshooter will help shrink the pores and neutralize the inflamed red skin. The instant result is to dry out the pimples by deactivating ‘destructive microbes’ through promoting the balance skin flora.

Remember, not all Acne Serum in the market offers to balance the skin flora that is essential to growing healthier skin cells from the inside. Our Frida Acne Serum protects the essential skin flora at the same time fighting against the acne-produced microorganism on the skin. Also, this hydra-based Acne Serum is without Salicylic Acid that makes this serum is safe to use for the pregnant women and breastfeeding Moms. The process will be also without ‘peeling‘ the significant top layer of the skin.

STEP 5. Delicate Daytime Coating

This final step is only needed if the troubled skin needs to be coated to get an effect like after putting on some facial powder. We offer Blemish Beauty Balm to cover this need. Our Frida version of ‘BB Cream‘ is far different from other BB Cream that is available many in the market. This Frida version of BB Cream is filled with a packed of nutrients from mostly Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter that is blended with the natural UV absorbers and tinted without foundation powders, all shades come from the natural pigmented ingredients. Our BB Cream has been proven to be the Acne-prone skin besties. After this BB Cream application, you will need NO other stuff on your face as you are ready to go out naturally fully-furnished. Please skip this (Step 5) coating at nighttime before sleep because simply it is not needed.

So, that’s it! If you are having acne with Dry to Normal Skin, you only need 7 products AND 5 products if you are having acne with Oily to Combination skin to treat your delicate skin that covers daytime and nighttime routines all year round. It seems like a lot, but this set of products will take care of the acne-prone skin from start to finish with no extra products or tools are required. This set is settled as an ALL-IN natural treatment that you can lightly travel with.

However, if you ask me the one and only product to troubleshoot the active acne, then my answer is the Clarifying Anti-Blemish Solution. And another product that helps remove the acne dark spots through its regular use is our popular 2-in-1 Revitalizing Facial Mask & Scrub.

“Excellent Skin Comes from an Everyday Routine”. FridaSkincare 

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