10 Fun Random Questions Answered by Jaesook from FridaSkincare Korea

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Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

From our Indonesian Partner last time, this time is from our Korean Partners that just join with us this April. We have two partners in Korea, so we will split them into a separate post. I am presenting the 10 questions answered by Ms Jaesook Cheong which the answers reflect the golden personality that we adore from her from the beginning.

1. If you opened your first FridaSkincare offline store, where would it be, what city and why?

“In Seoul. Seoul is a polluted city with lots of people suffering from stress and pollution. Fridaskincare Korea can help lots of people!!! Hopefully, we can convert them into eco-friendly culture evangelist, and environment-friendly culture will be something cool and hot!”

2. If you could make one rule that everyone in the world had to follow, what rule would you make? Why?

“Learn the Big history of the universe. The reason is that we will be humble and sure about how we should live and direct our thinking, and thus our lifestyles. When we see how the universe has been developing and evolving, with everything inside, how they are interconnected and have been evolving with one another’s influence, it will be clearer to us when we need to make decisions in our lives. This will affect our lifestyles in many ways, and I believe that we, people will make the direction for the better direction in long-term”

3. What makes you happy?

“When somebody becomes happier with himself or herself, with my remarks on their hidden(?) strengths. When my act makes a good impact on somebody’s life or on society. (Oh, my answer is so boring…)”

4. What do you enjoy giving people?

“Compliments. Cheering them up. Indicating their values that they did not notice themselves.”

5. If you could ask a wild animal any question, what would you ask?

“How do you feel about the air? Are you breathing well?” I and my family are not happy with the air quality here, currently.”

6. What makes you feel energized?

“When I see people with seemingly small and low background achieves something big, and win over those with a big and high background. Underdogs winning fame, prize, big achievements, etc. against prejudices. That’s why I love science. In science, you see why things work or do not work. No mumbo-jumbo for prediction allowed.”

7. What are some of the best things about nature?

“Nature is honest and it cares for each other. Indeed it is Mother Nature. We all are born in it.”

8. What makes your friends so awesome?

“Their effort to cope with their own challenges. And their warm heart, smiles and laughter in the process.”

9. What makes someone smart?

“Knowing oneself and knowing his/her environment. Meditation and being mindful of everything is a good way to get to know oneself, I believe.”

10. What is a business to you?

“Business is a living creature, connected to other people, providing what they need and getting what we need. In this way, we live together. Through business, I share my ideas and lifestyle with those who care for life and nature. We cultivate the culture and spread our lifestyle.”

Read Monika’s from FridaSkincare Indonesia answer here and Samuel’s answers here and click here to read Frida’s. Stay tuned for next post, because we have one more fun questions series answered by another team member from our Korean partners.

Image Credits: David Pisnoy

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