How to Simplify Daily Skin Routine in Summer

Journey to Minimalism
Saturday, June 30th, 2018

Our little family has been committed to a simple life. So, we would go for anything that can make our life simpler and effective. And my beauty life has never been simpler than now. Thanks to this multi-purpose family skincare line, FridaSkincare. Daily facial routine, beauty routine, bath routine, and hair routine become so much easier. And this is my summer beauty regiment in the morning. And oh… my skin type is normal to semi-combination in summer. It means, my skin microbes slightly more active than in winter. I have some little bumps from time to time, especially during my red calendar. Just for your information… and in case if it is needed.

Mouth Care. This is before everything else. I start my routine in the morning with a botanical stick called Miswak. Read more about this natural mouth care here The Most Antique Natural Toothbrush Offers beyond Teeth Cleaning. No toothpaste is required. Firstly, I gargle my mouth with tap water and rinse the tip of my Miswak brush at the same time and brush my teeth as usual. I finish it off by brushing my tongue before gargling for some more at the end. That is it.

Facial Pre-Care. Most women do extra thingy when it comes to facial routine. Not me. Not anymore. I tried to copy my daily beauty routine as simple as Samuel’s yet without neglecting the skin need, as a woman. So, after cleaning my Miswak stick, I just pump full 1x with Frida Facial Foam Cleanser on my hand palm. I swirl it around all over my face and neck and rinse. There are morning skin boosters inside this Frida Foam Cleanser. It contains both Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C to wake up the skin cells in the morning during cleansing. Because those two vitamins are soluble in water, therefore this Foam Cleanser is perfect to instantly plump the face. While Samuel, I think he just uses the Soap Bar on his face.

Hair & Body Care. In our bathroom, we keep only the necessary products, a Soap Bar, Foam Cleanser, liquid Body Wash, Shampoo, and Conditioner. Especially in Summer, I like to use the liquid soap wash instead of a soap bar, because our Frida Body Wash has a very vibrant natural fresh lemony fruity scent, while the Soap Bar is without any aroma. That makes the Body Wash is perfect for a Summer body wash and an ideal therapy for ‘morning nose’. The best part is when there is an incident of running out of soap or shampoo or cleanser during shower. I will be worry-free. I just use Shampoo to sud my hair and body and face too, because I know how gentle this Frida Shampoo’s formula is. Alternatively, I use Body Wash to sud body and hair and facial skin too. In short, Soap Bar, Body Wash, Shampoo, and Foam Cleanser all can be used interchangeably to clean the whole body including hair and face. This is a true life-hack in the shower room. If I am in the mood, I apply the Conditioner all over my hair and body after I rinse off my hair and whole body from the shampoo and soap lathers. Then I rinse the whole body once again to remove the excess of this Conditioner. This Conditioner will act as a light skin coating, a wash-off body lotion. After I dry the whole body with a nice clean towel, I pamper my armpit skin with Frida’s gentle Deodorant. This will hold any bad pit’s odour for at least 8 hours straight. Since there is no harmful antiperspirant agent in it, the ‘how-to-use‘ this product is unlikely like the usual one with antiperspirant. I will write a post about our Deodorant specifically about how to use this product. Until then… you can watch the how-to-use our Deodorant in this video:

Facial Post-Care. After the shower and taking care of my underarm skin, I quickly apply my face and body with my new favourite Baby Lotion. That’s right. Facial skin too. Then following up with the Facial Powder Butter Cream. This Mineralizing Facial Blemish Beauty Balm acts as a natural facial coating. This is truly one time ‘Go’ product. Forget the moisturizer, brush, day cream, suncream, foundation, bb cream, face powder, etc. This Beauty Balm gives a natural light final coating for my face and whiff… whiff… whiff… my face, my hair and my upper body part with my favourite Rose Geranium Floral Mist, I am basically ready to go out just like Samuel.

In total, I personally only use 9 products from start to finish, from head to toe. And they are not only for my personal care products as our family share-use all of them on the daily basis. I let my hair naturally dry without the need for a hairdryer. With an umbrella, a hat, and a sunglasses, I am totally ready to catch the Sun. Just like Samuel and Axelle do.

Image Credits: Pixabay

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