3 Things We Should Never Minimize Part 2

Journey to Minimalism
Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

This is the final part of our last week’s article, 3 Things We Should Never Minimize Part 1. After Green Oxygen, we definitely need to maximize on these:

Great Feeling

Most people buy their Great Feeling through Good Looking elements. They end up buying more clothes, more accessories, more gadget, and more to more. However, being generous, expressing gratitude, giving away to the needy, and all sort of any happiness bouncer should be cultivated in our daily family life. It is not to show off but to cleanse off ourselves from any ‘bad heart‘ diseases, such as jealousy and hatred. It also gives us a beautiful great feeling that money cannot buy. Having this Great Feeling experience is a real richness. Cultivating this Great Feeling in daily life is the true wealthiness. If we can feel cleanly good without necessarily looking good through branded clothing, we already win half the battle that most people are struggling with. Although most of the time, these people don’t know that they are actually struggling because they are voluntarily trapped in a materialistic zone.

Search Engines

In this era, education is cheap. It even comes in free if you know where to look for it. Same as reading. We can read almost anything cross-continent over the internet. Although some parts of the world have no or limited access to the internet, surely having to dream is cheap and free too. Once we can dream freely, finding the information and educating ourselves to the fullest will be no longer a dream. I know how to make the best of my Resume was from Google. I know how to DIY most stuff is from Google. I know everything that I want to know, from Google and its allies like Youtube. People like me and you who brutally own speedy access to the internet could actually rule the world. The limit is how far the cloud we could launch our dream because the rest is within a few clicks. So, we should never limit on our free self-education. Although I strongly believe that the use of Social Media should be limited, however clicking Google or another favourite Search Engine should never be minimized.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to humbly say that I really Thank You GOOGLE for making me who I am today.

Image Credits: Neosiam

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