Study Your Life from Mario Bros

Sunday, June 24th, 2018

I was not and still, I am not a big gamer compared to my brother. But Mario Bros is part of my childhood memories. The music, the mushroom, the dragon, and the princess all lead to the flag. For me, certainly, Mario Bros is beyond the childhood game. There is a strong correlation between Mario Bros and our adulthood life. Only when we are growing old we understand that the world is not only about receiving love. From Axelle’s growing life, I could flashback some part of my past. Jealousy is part of the game.

10 Coins of Love, 1 Spiny Turtle

Even more, I think having haters is a beauty in balancing one’s life. We cannot get just all the love without receiving one hatred. Although life would be perfect to only have love, yet it is not a balanced one. I would like to think the Mario Bross way… in order to earn 10 coins of love, we need to endure at least 1 spiny turtle coming toward our pathway. And it is up to us how we like to get rid of that thorny enemy. Either to get an extra immunity from the magic mushroom or the blinking star. Or simply jump away avoiding the spikes just like you do when you there is a cliff in front you. The choices are there for us.

The Princess, The Flag

I used to think that facing the Dragon was a winning sign because I would soon join the upgraded stage. I was wrong once again, my brother showed me a brutal way to quickly beat that dragon on the tricky bridge without too much effort, so he can end that stage sooner. If his Mario Bros is in a bigger size due to consuming an extra Mushroom, he would just be running through passing that dragon. His Mario would change into a smaller size but he has a short-term blinking immunity that he could just walk through the dragon in a transparent mode with ease and hop on the flag right after. Even more brutal than that, if he is with a petite Mario, he would still run through the dragon and intentionally be dead. The new Mario with a new life always comes to appear in the blinking immunity. He used that super short blinking time from the new Mario to run through the Dragon with ease to demolish the bridge.

Secret Underwater, Magic Vines

You see, there are plenty of ways to save the Princess. Getting all the coins along the way to save the Princess is also an option. Catching the blinking star or magic mushroom is part of the game. Same in life, either we choose to live the standard monotonous life or we become a dreamcatcher both need to endure survive from the turtle and goose enemies. We are the one who has an authority to select on how sharp the enemy spikes and how long the journey and how much wealth that we can handle at the end. Because from the beginning, all the option is already in our hands either they are visible or invisible like the Magic Vines.

Image Credits: Pixabay

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