How to Determine Your Daily Skin Types and Conditions

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Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

Why do we need to know our skin type and condition?

By knowing how to check our skin type, it could help us to select well the skincare routine products in one go.

By knowing our own skin condition, it could help us to troubleshoot the skin problem(s) wearing the same skincare products in one shot. It could save a lot more time and money too. Therefore, knowing both skin types and skin condition is vital.

If you haven’t read the last post about Skin Type and Skin Condition, please read it first here.

Now that you know your own skin type and condition, it is easier to confirm what kind of skin you are having on the day. Checking it out just like you check the weather forecast. Easeey Peaseey! Here is how to:

Directly once woke up, gently patch your face with your fingers.

If it is oily, check which part of the face is oily. If it is oily on the T-zone, then you are with a combination skin type. If all facial skin surface is oily, but not too oily, or just enough oil, then it is the normal skin you are having. If you are basically having other skin condition, —like acne, redness, hypersensitive, or aging—, then your Skin Type is with one of the Conditions combinations. Read the previous post about it here.

Our skin type can easily change due to the weather changes. In Winter, even Oily skin can become hyper-dry.

Now, are you optimistic to define your own skin type and its condition? I am more than happy to hear how it went with your finger checkup in the next morning.

If you want to check on a set of Skincare Routine based on your specific skin type and condition, click FridaSkincare guideline here.

Image Credits: Ian Dooley

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