Why Minimalist Skincare is Needed

Journey to Minimalism
Saturday, May 12th, 2018

When it comes to beauty, it seems most people ‘enjoy’ to have more products. And mostly they are happy to call themselves as a ‘beauty enthusiast’.  The NUMBER is everything for them. Either number in quantity of products they currently have, mission-to-finish products list, a list of products to try, and in term of numbers from the products’ price tag. The higher it cost, the higher social status it may be imprinted on one individual.

A Social Disease

I tried to analyze this behaviour. For me, this maximalism in beauty-care products is a disease in human society, especially in the womanhood. No, I am not joking. It is a social disease. And I am proud to be the Founder of a Minimalist Family Skincare brand, FridaSkincare. A skincare line that you can share-use with your family members where each product offers extra benefits and multipurpose functions from head to toe. How much time does it save in a day for twice daily routine? Let’s count in a simple math in a simple skin routine!

An Invisible Time-Sucker

In the morning, we start with (1) Cleansing and then (2) Toning. Following up with (3) Moisturizing, (4) Layering, (5) Colouring, and (6) Finishing.  Although some people may skip a few steps in basic the womanhood skincare regiment, like step (2), (5), and (6), it is a very unlikely scenario for the working women. Those all 6-basic steps demand at least 30 minutes of our worthy time in the morning. Well, some women may spend their time in front of a mirror up to 1~2 hours just to do their two steps, between step (4) and step (6).

I will be nice a little here. Let’s discount this “morning routine” to 30 minutes requirement only. With this number on hand, we can calculate it in a real-life scene. That 30-minute each morning turns to 3.5 hours worth in a week. Imagine what we can do with this extra 3.5 hours a week? 15 hours a month? 182.5 hours a year or over 7 days in one year? That is the same amount of time for some people can get their days off from their workplace in a year! And for the women who spend their skin routine up to 2 hours a day, here is the number: it is 14 hours a week OR 730 hours in a year. For you who do this maximalist skin routine, you are spending over 30 days worth of time. It is more than enough to do a profitable project for that amount of time.

Now I don’t think we should continue to add up the Nighttime skin routine, do we?

I personally only spend a maximum 5 minutes daily routine from step (1) to step (6). And only 2 minutes for my nighttime routine from step (1) to step (3). I believe that spending a small amount of time with just the necessary products in our daily skincare routine will help us to keep our skin healthier and become a better human in general. Time~ you cannot take back once it is wasted, be mindful of Time.

Image Credits: Lukas Blazek

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