10 Fun Random Questions Answered by Monik from FridaSkincare Indonesia

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Wednesday, July 4th, 2018

We have been asking each other 10 fun random questions. The answers submitted are hilarious and some of the questions uncover the wildest and unthinkable thoughts. I frame the coolest answer as the quoted pin of this article. And this time comes from our partner in Indonesia, Ms Monik Pratiwi.

1. If you opened your first FridaSkincare offline store, where would it be, what city and why?

“My ideal offline store would be a mobile store offering fun and innovative traits so people will always thrilled to find where our next location be. The store would offer an interesting experience for our (prospective) consumer to the point that they want to be part of our long-lasting family. A store should no longer only for buying things (you could easily do it online) but more as a place to share and experience our love for minimalist and toxic free skin/body care.”

2. If you could make one rule that everyone in the world had to follow, what rule would you make? Why?

“Count up to 3 everytime somebody is gonna get angry or do harm to others… too many angry people nowadays.”

3. If you could be invisible for a day, what would you do??

“Spend a whole day following 10 most influential person in the world – I can be invisible and have teleport ability for a day, ryt?”

4. If you designed clothes, how would they look like?

“Asymmetrical… I custom-order all my batik dresses in a tailor by showing them pictures from the internet and most (if not all) is in the asymmetrical style.”

5. Where would you like to travel? How would you get there?

“Am a random traveller, following my heart and (tight) budget all the time. Other than using the plane to reach our destination, we usually wandering around by local transportation or just walk.”

6. You’re a photographer for a day, what would you take pictures of?

“Random people in street or market – I always love human interest as my object.”

7. If you could invent something that would make life easier for people, what would you invent?

“A tool with options of how to recycle our garbage. It would automatically offer you an option once you have a litter in your hand.”

8. Do you think it’d be fun to learn another language? What would it be?

“Well, my Spanish is rusty, Dutch is history, French no hope, can only read Cyrillic & Greek without knowing the meaning… but I am always excited to learn a new language… so maybe Latin – the roots of several languages.”

9. What makes someone smart?

“If they could explain something in a simple language as if they would talk to a 7-year old kid – in less than 5 minutes.”

10. If you had friends all over the world, how would you keep in touch?

“err… social media and chat apps… work fine for me!”

… and it seems Ms Monika doesn’t mind to answer one more fun question for us. This time, the question is likely a weird one. So we asked her”:

If you were born with a pair of wings and you ask them to be removed, where would you keep them?

“If I asked it to be removed means that I wouldn’t want people to see it… a safe deposit box it is! (sorry, I work in a bank, so it just comes naturally).”

Read Samuel’s answers here and click here to read Frida’s. Stay tuned, because next fun questions series will be answered by our Korean partners.

Image Credits: David Pisnoy

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